TCSA Spring Election Candidates: Vice President Campaigns and Equity

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Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by first name. Platforms may have been edited for print purposes. All edits were made for length, not for content.

Vice President Campaigns and Equity- AsgigaCorriveauAsgiga Corriveau

Hello! My name is Asgiga Corriveau. It is my third year at Trent, I am in the Joint Psychology and Sociology Program. I have chosen to run for the Vice President of Campaign and Equity (VPCE), because I believe that I can help in continuing the legacy of those before me and reach out to the masses about student issues and furthermore reach out to students to put forth whatever help I can offer. I believe I have the experience to be able to handle the position due to my prior experience with the Trent Student Central Association (TCSA). For the 2014/2015 academic year, I am serving as one of the Gender Issues Commissioner. With that position, I have sat on two committees: The Co-Curricular Committee and the Standing Committee for Organizational Review and Development. I also sit on the Action Committee on Gender Inclusion. Also while being in this position I have run a campaign for Self- Love Week and an activity for Trans Day of Remembrance. I was also a delegate that went to represent the TCSA at CFS in January 2015. As an Equity Commissioner I have sat on the Board of Directors for the TCSA, and I am aware of the By-Laws and Operation Resolution that the Association governed by. I believe that my experiences from all my work thus far can be transferred and become skills I can utilise in the role of VPCE. Past experiences that would add on to this is that I was a member of Trent University Politics Society as a Deputy Member for Finance. In terms of being able to handle the work load, I believe I can do it; because while being a student and apart of the Association, I was also working at Bata, and was a part of other groups as an active member (such as: Trent Gives and Trent Students for Literacy).

As an Equity Commissioner I have been involved in many of this year’s campaign that was outstandingly done by the current VPCE Boykin Smith. Such as Sentenced to Debt and Cover ME. I am well aware of the current campaigns that the Association is involved in and hope to continue them to help make students experience at Trent a good one. I am interested in having these campaigns reach the students in accessible and well represented manner. Some of my more specific focus would be on Fairness of International Students, Hike Stops Here & Debt Sentence; Africa is not a Country, United for Equity, and Consent is Mandatory. That being said it does not mean I will ignore the other initiatives that the Association represents. Also I believe I can be a good resource and a helpful hand to the Equity Commissioners whom are coming into office. Additional projects that I would like to get involved with are in Mental Health and representation of student voices that may not be represented. I would be open to listen and help whomever I can; I will always be open to suggestions and will help students in finding the answers to their questions.

Vice President Campaigns and Equity- Betty WondimuBetty Wondimu


My name is Betty Wondimu, I am currently in my third year pursuing a joint degree in International Development Studies and Economics and I am running to be your next Vice President of Campaigns and Equity.

During the past three years I have managed to garner a vast amount of experience through my active participation in serving and representing the student body. I have served as a student representative on the Presidential Advisory Council on Human Rights, Equity and Accessibility and have served as the Women’s Commissioner and Ethical Standards Commissioner. I was also a part of the executive group for a regional group named Trent African Caribbean Student Union. If elected I would utilize the skills I have gained from these position to reconnect the TCSA with its member, run campaigns that speak to the student body, push for a more equitable campus, put students’ interests first and advocate for students’ well-being. I have also had the opportunity to attend the Canadian Federation of Students training sessions and general meetings and hope to strengthen student voice through the campaigns, lobbying efforts and several services made available to our membership. I plan on sustaining the three overarching campaigns, expanding and creating new initiatives that will increase the sustainability and relevancy of our student Union. Students face many challenges in the post-secondary education system and it is the responsibility of our student union, TCSA board of directors, colleges, clubs and groups, the administration and the community at large to tackle these issues in unison. I intend on working and collaborating with all the parties mentioned above, as we all have a vested interest in sustaining Trent University; a place I have come to call home! I hope to have gained you vote through the glimpse of the actions I would be taking to address issues faced by students at Trent.

United we are Stronger!

Vice President Campaigns and Equity- Hilary StaffordHilary Stafford

My name is Hilary Stafford; I am a 3rd year French and psychology student who is currently enrolled in the Teachers Education Stream program. I am also a current front desk employee at the TCSA; which is what inspired me to run for the Vice President of Campaigns and Equity position. I want to make a difference for students and allow their voice to be heard.

What can I do for you?

  • If elected Vice President of Campaigns and Equity I will work to ensure that all students at Trent have their voices heard, while also encouraging students to become more actively engaged with both the TCSA and other groups on campus.
  • Supporting campaigns that are run by organizations such as the Canadian Federation for Students, but making them more Trent specific in order to meet Trent University student needs.
  • If elected I would like to introduce more mental health awareness on campus by working with groups such as Active Minds, and the Trent University Counselling Centre. I would work with the Vice President of College and University Affairs to ensure that clubs and groups received mental health training and advocacy, and I would look into using resources such as Post Secret and Mental Health CPR to provide support for students.
  • Work with university and Government officials to address rising tuition costs
  • Continue to work with levy groups to ensure the best relationship between them and the Trent Central Student Association.
  • Raise awareness for services that are provided by the TCSA including the Grocery Assistance Program, as well as tenant rights.


  • Experience with different programs at Trent including the Impact Leadership Program, Student Ambassadors and Best Buddies.
  • Current front desk employee at the TCSA
  • Experience with leadership training which included conflict resolution, personal leadership skills, working in a team and stress management.
  • Experience planning and participating in events on campus including the Impact Leadership Conference and a number of different open houses, as well as numerous workshops.
  • I have a general interest in student leadership and governance and was a Vice President of activities and an executive member of Relay for Life in high school.
  • If elected I will do my best to ensure that all students have a say in how the TCSA can help them. I will be a leader for all students so that the student voice can be brought into the student association.
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