TCSA Spring Election Candidates: Vice President University and College Affairs

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Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by first name. Platforms may have been edited for print purposes. All edits were made for length, not for content.

Vice President University and College Affairs- Kelsi DaltonKelsi Dalton

Hello TCSA Members! My name is Kelsi Dalton and I think you should vote for me as Vice President of University and College Affairs. If elected I will commit myself to improving student life by working with the resources of the TCSA and partnering with student groups and departments on campus. I have worked for the TCSA as the benefits assistant and the Events and Campaigns Coordinator. I feel my experience organizing the Freshman 5K Colour Run, Wipe Out Volleyball Tournament, Student Activist Assembly, Wicked Trip, Battle of the Bands and other events for students, has prepared me for the responsibilities of the VPUC.

As VPUC I will advocate and support students in whatever way I can. I love talking to students and getting to know how myself and the TCSA can use its resources and services to assist in bettering student life. My experience planning and attending events and working the front desk at the TCSA has taught me that students’ needs are changing and that shorter events and more resources are of greater value to students. I plan to work with the TCSA staff to coordinate more frequent giveaways and activities in high traffic areas of the school. This would be an opportunity to meet the members of the association, hear what they like and what they think needs to be improved on campus or through the TCSA.

As Vice President I would like to improve the skills and opportunities of Clubs and Groups. I am knowledgeable about the current responsibilities that clubs have. I also have experience coordinating with room bookings, risk management, PRD, IT and other important departments that clubs and groups can (and should) utilize. I want to see clubs and groups be successful in their ventures and am committed to being a resource and supporter.

The TCSA has supported students in many ways but I am prepared to build on their success. I will work with colleges and departments to create resources, seminars and events for students. If I elected I will organize a “Beat the Winter Blues” campaign that would run for the duration of the second semester of 2015-2016. This campaign would be a series of events, workshops and contests to help combat the effects of the winter semester. I would like to work with all colleges, and those departments and clubs and groups who share an interest in mental health, fitness and skill training.

We have knowledgeable and passionate people here at Trent University and I would like to bring them together to optimize the student experience. I want to be your Vice President of University and College affairs because I want you to feel supported by your student association and by your school. I strongly believe that I am the best person for this position and if you elect me I will work everyday to ensure that the TCSA is improving your student life!

Vice President University and College Affairs- Pippa O'BrienPippa O’Brien

I am running for Vice President of University and College Affairs, and am going into my fourth year as an Anthropology major with minors in Economics and Biology.

I am currently serving on LEC cabinet as Senior Minister of Finance. Beyond my duties as Senior Minister of Finance, I organized the first LEC Cabinet ‘LECture’ series and was part of the taskforce responsible for the ‘Your Trent’ Student Symposium. I currently sit on committees for the Career Centre, and Student Policies and Charter. A result of my involvement across campus, I am well prepared for position of Vice President of University and College Affairs. I have experience interacting with Clubs & Groups, including organizing LEC Cabinet funding. I have also organized or assisted with events at college and campus levels, both by myself and in cooperation with the TCSA and other student groups.

LEC Cabinet and my own research have kept me up-to-date on the major challenges facing Trent. I have a strong understanding of how the college system functions and the perspective of College Cabinets, and as VP University and College Affairs I will aim to increase collaboration with College Cabinets. I will attend Cabinet meetings at each college at least once a semester to open channels of communication. It has been 20 years since the TCSA was created from the Trent Student Union, partly due to conflicts with the Cabinets, and it is time to put these tensions to rest and increase the accountability of student government.

I would like to ensure that students are well informed about the decision-making processes of the Senate and the Colleges and Student Services Committee (CASSC), focusing on policies that have a direct impact on students, such as the creation of new academic departments and food service issues. By making this information available in an accessible and clear format, I hope to engage students with these processes and gather student concerns.

I would like to also spend the year collecting student experiences, particularly in reference to the role of the Colleges and TCSA, academic and curriculum concerns, campus life, and Clubs & Groups. As Trent continues to evolve and adapt itself to both its financial reality and the changing state of undergraduate education, I believe it would be helpful to create a record of current student opinions as a point of comparison for future students, and to direct the priorities of the VP University and College Affairs. I believe it is the job of student leaders to encourage student reflection and gather opinions about the university. To expand on this cause I hope to work with the College Cabinets to organize a second ‘Your Trent’ Student Symposium and establish it as a lasting tradition.

I hope you will consider me for the position of Vice President of University and College Affairs, and vote in the upcoming election.

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