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Crave flavor? Need Caffeine? You May be a Tea Drinker

From a long and varied history in many cultures and traditions, to becoming itself a subculture on the consumer market today, there’s much that can be said about tea.  Having acquired so many teas that I have to keep a written “tea menu” for guests, and to help me choose what to drink, I frequently find myself consulted by friends and family on what tea might help with which ailment.  Here are my recommendations of the week, including a tea to finally vanquish that nasty cold (or ward off the flu), a tea to relax with and a tea for cloudy days.

To Vanquish that Cold – Citrus Lavender Sage by Teavana

It seems like just about everyone experienced “that cold that’s going around” this season.  This tea’s cold-confronting ingredients are part of it’s title.  The citrus helps keep the flavor light and sinus clearing while the lavender soothes the tired soul.  Just to add extra power to the mix, sage brings a cleansing element that will help banish the sickness for good.  Try it with a squirt of honey for added feel-better-now punch and take back your day.

To Relax – Mother’s Little Helper by David’s Tea

This slyly named tea is safe to calm kids down at the end of the day (Organic and Caffeine free), or to sip on while you zone out after a long day of classes, meetings and studying.  Featuring peppermint, lemongrass, chamomile and rosehips it provides a sweet, light flavor, totally suitable for floating you off to a peaceful dreamland.  While it’s not quite powerful enough to knock you out entirely, don’t drink it while gearing up for a high-energy activity.  Expect the powerful aroma to be softened by brewing and  the peppermint and lemongrass flavors to add subtle sensation to the chamomile.

For a Cloudy Day – Goji Pop by David’s Tea

Goji pop has been a wonder-tea in my life, and is a fixture in my cupboard.  Featuring powerful goji berries mixed with hibiscus, apples and honeydew melon, this fruity tea can take on any cloudy day, bad mood or rough morning.  I recommend it for cloudy days because I for one find my motivation and energy levels plummet when the sun won’t shine.  Goji pop however is packed with enough anti-oxidants and flavor to be worth getting out of bed on a dark day.  If you struggle on cloudy days, from mood swings, or just plain want a flavor packed tea then you need goji pop.  Just be prepared for your classmates to sniff the air and ask “what is that delicious smell!?” as soon as you pop the lid on your mug!

I’ll be back next week with more recommendations on tea to power through your project writing, a twist on a traditional tea and what else? You’ll have to wait and see.  Until then, happy brewing!