Teas to Calm You Down


Hello November! Now that this month is well underway (shh, don’t tell me how close we are to the end, I’ve far too much left to do before it’s done!), I am feeling stressed to the max. There are deadlines every which way that I turn, and I hear I’m not the only one constantly on the verge of panic. One of the ways I try to calm myself down is, of course, drinking tea. This week, I’m focusing on the teas I drink to calm down, and I’ll do so quickly so I can get on with tackling my school work.

English Breakfast by David’s Tea

This is a totally and completely classic black tea. It’s got a smooth, simple, uniform taste that is often exactly what I need in a complicated world. Sometimes I just don’t have time to think through the multi-flavour tea picks in my stash to figure out what blend suits my mood. Sometimes, I just need tea. Right now. To soothe a troubled, worried, anxious and stressed out mind. This tea is here for me with exactly what I need, just one smooth, comforting flow of flavour that is timeless and dependable. David’s offers this tea in two varieties: regular and organic. They are basically the same tea, with much the same history between the field and your cup, but one has those certified ethics which are sometimes a comfort for the heart. Enjoy with friends, tea biscuits, or all on your own when you need to rest.

Apple Cinnamon by Tim Horton’s

One of the things I love most about having a go-to tea at Tim Hortons is that, let’s face it: Tim Horton’s are pretty easy to find. And even the Bata location, notorious for not stocking enough of our favourite Tim Horton’s products, has their teas.
This blend of apple cinnamon tastes exactly the way you’d expect it to. It’s got a strong cinnamon aroma but the perfect edge of sweetness to be warm, rich and delicious. On a stormy day, in a boring class, or when you’re just feeling “down,” this tea has a wonderful mix of flavour, richness, convenience, and dependability.
Also notable is that it doesn’t seem to over-steep which means you don’t have to worry about how to get rid of the bag at some point after purchasing it.

Jessie’s Tea by David’s Tea

This tea is largely based on Lavender and is one of the teas you’d be recommended to drink if you asked for a stress-relieving tea in store at David’s.
This tea also has some coconut in it which keeps the flavour light and kind of summery, and it’s rather cheerful. It’s delightful for times when it just seems like everything is going wrong and you need to take a moment to find our zen again. It’s also nice that this tea has the lavender-coconut mix in comparison to English Breakfast and other calming teas because it manages to bring flavour without being complicated or overwhelming.
Whether it’s to gain a soothing start to a busy day or to unwind before bed, this tea is ready to put you at ease.