It’s a stressful time to be a student. Regardless of what discipline you study, there are midterms, projects, presentations, and papers to be completed. Tea sits at the center of many social traditions. So, perhaps you could invite a friend to have tea with you, and de-stress through a little human contact. If, however, your deadlines are far too tight to leave room for socializing, tea can give you the energy you need to power through those assignments all on your own, or it can help you enjoy the benefits of stress eating without the calories.

The Energy Tea – Jungle Ju Ju by David’s Tea

When you just can’t wake up, or are working on an all-nighter project and can’t afford to sleep, this is a great tea to reach for, especially if coffee isn’t your thing. With a touch of peach and papaya for flavour, this caffeine-packed tea will have you on your way. I recommend it be steeped sparingly, though, as it can become bitter if allowed to sit for too long. It has a very rich flavour that can be sweetened with a bit of honey, if need be. Expect this tea to help you through your long stretches without the highs and crashes of coffee.

A Tradition, Twisted – Green Seduction by David’s Tea

This green tea is twisted up with a burst of pomegranate for a seductively fruity sensation. Bringing all the traditional powers and benefits of green tea, this is a great way to follow the advice of health experts who tout the wonders of green tea, even if you don’t actually like green tea. Or, if you love green tea but are ready to shake things up, this provides the change you might be looking for. Again, because it is an organic tea and a green tea, it can be prone to bitterness if over-steeped. Reach for this tea when you need to get away from tradition, but don’t want to stray too far.

Guilt Free Dessert – Long Life Oolong by David’s Tea

This peachy tea is naturally very sweet and super light. It tastes more like dessert than anything else, and so it makes for a great guilt-free indulgence. I suggest this because I know that when I’m stressed, I want to eat all the treats I can get my hands on, and, well, it just wouldn’t be healthy. With this tea, I feel like I’m treating myself while actually reaping the benefits of tea rather than the detriments of junk food. Unlike the other two I’ve mentioned, you can steep this one for as long as you’d like without fear. It doesn’t tend to over-steep. It would suit sweetening with sugar for those with a super sweet tooth, and with honey if you’re feeling adventurous. So, sit back, sip away, and enjoy as much “dessert” as you like.

Bonus Tea! – Vanilla Rooibos by Starbucks

I couldn’t do a week with just David’s! Besides, everyone knows that when it comes to dessert, choice is key. This sweet tea packs that traditional vanilla flavour without being overwhelming. You can buy a tin of pre-packed teabags for ultimate convenience when you don’t have time to brew loose leaf, or you can order a cup in-store and soak up the Starbucks atmosphere. Expect this tea to be luxurious and smooth, relaxing and sweet. If you are ordering in-store with this treat, I recommend trying it as a latte. There may be a little more sugar in a latte, but with a sniff of its fragrance and a sip of that foam, you’ll be floating away to stress-free places.