TED(x) Comes to Trent Oshawa

If you’re looking to do something this weekend that is both entertaining and educational, head down to the Trent Oshawa campus (located at 55 Thornton Road South) to spend a day with TED extraordinaires.

In celebration of its 30th birthday, TED has organized a variety of TEDx events, including TEDxTrent taking place at the Oshawa campus on Saturday, January 18. The TEDx series is a program of self-organized TED events, where the x represents the aspect of independence.

TEDxTrent will feature TEDTalks videos and live speakers who will be used to spark deep discussion from Trent students, faculty, and community members. This year, the theme of the talk is “Creativity, Collaboration, and Engagement.”

The event was organized by the following members of the Trent community: B.Sc. Psych student Chris Fernlund; Administrative Coordinator at Trent University Oshawa, Amber Ashton; Head of Trent University Oshawa, Joe Muldoon; Government and Community Relations Officer at Trent University Oshawa, Kate Ingram; Trent librarian, Ken Field; Vice President of Campus Life for the Trent Oshawa Student Association (TOSA), Brittney Forester; Manager of Student Affairs at Trent University Oshawa, Justin Fisher; Business Administration student, Taylor Thompson; Student Life and Co-curricular Programs Coordinator, Chris Nelan; and finally, Manager of Convocation & University Functions at Trent University, Joanne Sokolowski.

This event will feature talks from some of the top inspirational speakers in Canada including Marc Garneau (former Canadian MP and astronaut), Marcelo da Luz (founder of The Power of One Solar Car Project), Derek Blais (employee at worldwide advertising agency network BBDO), Dr. Sara Humphreys (Assistant Professor at Trent University), Marcel O’Gorman (Associate Professor in the Department of English at the University of Waterloo), and Lon Appleby (journalist, television producer, and general education professor at Durham College), with performances by Taylor O’Meara and Unity. With this group of accomplished minds, TEDxTrent is sure to please anyone who has a passion for knowledge.

Ultimately, it will be a worthwhile trip to experience this amazing and informative event.

However, in order to attend, you need to register on their website.

More information about the event and how to register can be found on the official TEDxTrent website: http://www.tedxtrentu.com or on their twitter @TEDxTrent.

A follow-up article will be posted two weeks from now, so stay tuned for a more detailed account of the event.