Hi, all! We are Trent University’s theatre company, the Anne Shirley Theatre  Company (ASTC). ASTC has been active at Trent since the 2002-2003 Academic Year when our founding show, Anne of Green Gables, was performed.

ASTC has staged a wide variety of musicals, from classics like Into the Woods and The Sound of Music, to more avant-garde pieces like Spring Awakening and Legally Blonde.

ASTC works to foster a culture of inclusivity and aims to use theatre as a medium of social challenge and awareness.

Annually there are a large variety of ways to get involved with ASTC, via performing in or assisting with our musical or play, joining our improv team, being elected as an executive, attending one of our many performance-based events, or being an amazing member of our

For more information, please like our Facebook page (Anne Shirley Theatre Company), visit our website (anneshirleytheatrecompany.com) or email us at [email protected]

We look forward to sharing the stage with you!