The Baggataway Cup: Men’s Lacrosse Championships

This past week end of November 2-4, Trent hosted the 2012 Canadian University Field Lacrosse Association Men’s Lacrosse Championships.

This year the top  three teams from the West division: Western Mustangs, Guelph Gryphons and the Brock Badgers took  on  the top  three team  from the East division: McGill Redmen, Bishop Gaiters, and the home town team, Trent Excalibur.

After a hard played weekend, the McGill Redmen took the Baggataway Cup in overtime against Western, winning the title 7-6.

On Friday  night at the Justin Chui Stadium, Trent Excalibur opened the 2012 Baggataway Cup  against Guelph Gryphons. Although Excalibur were defeated 15 to 7 by the Guelph Gryphons, they  did not give up the game without a fight.

The first goal  of the game was score by #20 Jordan Daradick of the Gryphons, but Trent evened the score soon after with a goal of their own by #13 Steve Burke. Things were looking up until the Gryphons scored another 2 goals, ending the first period with a 4-1 lead.

During the second period, both teams doubled their scores, with the Trent goal scored by #19 Luc Sullivan. The score going into half time was Gryphons 8, Trent 2. The Gryphons never seemed to look back as Excalibur were always playing catch up.

During the half time, the Trent Excalibur Dance Team put on a performance that wowed the fans.

Once it was time for the game to  start again, Trent’s #14 Tyler Tanquay and #13 Steve Burke each  scored a goal, but it was not enough. By the end of the third period, the Gryphons were winning 11 – 4.

In the last 20 minutes, Gryphons continued to score and finished the game as comfortable winners.

After the game, each  team picked a MVP for the game. Trent Excalibur named their goalie Kalvin Thomas MVP, while the Guelph Gryphons chose #2 Jordan Critch. For the Guelph Gryphons, this win ensured that they would move on to the semi finals to play the McGill Redmen.

The Championship game was a classic final of East, the McGill Redmen, meets West, the Western Mustangs. This is the game where both teams put everything they had onto the table, and played their best until the final buzzer.

Both team started out strong, with the Redmen scoring the first goal not even a full minute into the game, and the Mustangs evening the score only a few minutes later. Just as  the first quarter was about to end, the Mustangs took their first lead of the game.

During the second quarter, both goalkeepers were kept busy but it was Western that extended their lead by two goals, and Redman could not score anymore goals of their own. Mustangs went in at half time 3 – 1 up.

Once the third quarter commenced, Western put the pressure on  the Mustangs as they scored a goal, closing the gap between the teams, and then tying the score 3-3. But before the quarter could end, the Mustangs pulled away from the Redmen to make the score Mustangs 4  – Redmen 3 going into the final period of the game.

Although the Mustangs were looking strong going into the final period, the Redmen were not going to  give up without a fight. Within  the first 30 seconds, McGill evened  the playing field, making the score 4-4.

Both goalies, were giving it everything they had,  as they pulled off save after save to keep the score line so low, after each goal had over 20 shots.

McGill pulled out in front and scored another 2 goals, hoping to seal the Baggataway cup, and with only 30 seconds left in the game, it appeared as though the winner had been choose. But this was not the case, as the Mustangs put their gears into overdrive and scored two goals, sending the game into overtime.

With the scored locked at 6 – 6, two four minute periods were played to decide the winner.

Both teams were hesitant in the first period of overtime, as the next 8 minutes would decide who would be named the champions.

It was #7 Jishan Sharples of the McGill Redmen who scored the winning goal with only 30 seconds left. Now all they had to do was keep the ball away from their opponent so they could not even the score.

Fans in the crowd were going wild yelling “Run to Glory!” as the Redmen were running in circles keeping the ball for themselves and away from the Mustangs.

With  Mustangs not being able to  get their hands on the ball, the McGill Redmen secured their place as Baggataway Cup Champions.

Baggataway Cup 2012 Tournament MVP was given to McGill Redmen #11 Brandon McLean, with the game MVP awards going to Redmen #7 Jishan Sharples and Mustangs #17 Zach Grace.

Before the tournament, I got to sit down  with one of our very own Lacrosse Players, #18 Joey McClement, who plays Long Pole.

He has been playing lacrosse for 17 years, and this is his fifth and final year with the Trent Excalibur. Since Trent was hosting the tournament this year, the team was very excited to have the home field advantage.

As Joey stated “It’s an honor, and so exciting to be given another opportunity to put Trent out there and show the Lacrosse community that we are a team to be reckoned with.  The vibe around Trent and the team  is just wicked, and everyone is getting pumped up  for Friday night.”

Trent Excalibur proved this to be true as they did not give up their game without a fight. They played as a team and had each others’ back.

“We have been together since mid-august and we are really been learning to gel with each other. We make each other accountable. We make sure that we are all working hard at all times, and chemistry is peaking at the right time. In the long run we show that we are here to play and we are here for the real thing: the Bggataway Cup.

“We couldn’t have made it this far without our amazing coaching staff: Geoff McKinley, Dan Carey, Josh Wasson, and Mike Temple. They’re your friends when  you need them to be, but they know when to  be your coaches, and they wants to get the best out of each and every one of us.”

Although  they  did not win  the Baggataway cup,  the boys were still happy to have made it this far.