The edges of round: a new monthly column

Ever since I can remember I’ve always been very sexual. It began as an innocent, natural state of being and then slowly evolved into a more mature craving and enjoyment. Like most of us, this is not unheard of. My sexual journey is in a constant state of movement, evolving and morphing into many different colours and shapes.

Sometimes, my sexuality has curves and is round and smooth and other times it has edges and corners and is sharp to the touch. When the light hits it in a certain way it sparkles and other times the light creates shadows for things to hide.

As convoluted as this may seem, in truth, it is the most appropriate way I can begin to describe my sexual journey. For what is it, if not just a poetic, messy and bare experience that I have chosen to share with you.

The deepest part of me hopes that these stories and questions and thoughts somehow reach beyond the boundaries of our judgments of each other and ourselves, and find their way into the hidden rooms behind our closed doors.

As I go further, I will be bare. Hard. Warm. Rough. And as honest as my ego will let me. There will be breathing room for trauma, triggers and anxiety. So let’s put our judgments aside for a moment and really listen to what we have to say to ourselves and each other about sexuality.

Whether it is with labels that some find so important and necessary for survival where as others wish to shed these heavy labels in order to breathe better. Or perhaps, it’s the idea that a small part of us are confused by thoughts we have and don’t know where to tuck them away from the light.

I invite you to share your thoughts, ideas, questions and answers with me. I look forward to any experiences that you would like to share. Keep in mind, that I am not an “expert,” but rather a person who is on a journey with questions just like the rest of you.

I will be featuring interviews as well so please let me know if you care to share your story. At request only, your name will be shared, otherwise as a default, you will remain anonymous.

Confidentiality is my priority, unless there is an indication of non-consent and/or harm to you or to another. Then, only then, will further steps be taken.

I encourage you all to leave hate at the door. Please take off your shoes and get as comfortable as you can. Breathe.

Happy Self- Love Week!

The Betty Luster Column will be a monthly column and it will explore our community through a sexual lens.

When I say “sexual” I am referring to a part, of most of us that is made up of many different colours and layers that are complex and help to make us who we are.

It is an umbrella term that can include whatever you like. Confidentiality, Consent and Respect (CCR) are at the core of this column. Please keep this in mind when responding to this column.
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