The Institutionalized Anti-Israeli Hate Speech at Trent Must End

What the anti-Israel fervour around Trent lacks in facts, reasoning, or objective analysis it makes up for in bigotry, insidious propaganda, and moral grandstanding. It is why they so easily cower under words like ‘apartheid’ and ‘oppression’ without any reasonable explanation or citation. The institutionalized anti-Israeli propaganda pushed by official organizations of Trent, in particular the Trent Central Student Association, an association that should be inherently unpartisan, is shameful and I would accept only a full resignation from all members responsible for their “Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction” policy against Israel. It makes me physically sick to think a student association, a group that’s supposed to represent and support all students at Trent, would take such a bigoted and ignorant stance on a political issue. Is it not too much to ask that student body associations do not take political stances for me?

The two separate pieces published in last week’s edition of this paper are hardly worth my commentary or criticism; anyone with average critical thinking skills can see them for what they are: futile attempts at outrage on subjects the authors know little about. I only ask you to consider them in this context: how do you think such aggressive hatred for a country impacts those who support it? As chairman of the Trent Zionist Society, I have people come to me all the time, Jewish and also not, terrified to speak out for their country.

If the outspoken opposition to Israel on campus is so concerned about the oppression of minorities, I ask them to consider the small group of pro-Zionist students at Trent, who have been alienated and attacked through the means of aggressive advertising of their hateful “Apartheid Week” celebrations, the constant, manipulative anti-Israeli pieces in the school newspaper, or the outright stance against them by their own student association. Consider your heritage or native country: how would such negativity make you feel? These students are afraid to speak openly about the issue for fear of the outspoken, institutionalized, aggressive anger directed at them for it. I address the student body of Trent University when I ask: is this truly a place of learning when there are those who are afraid to let their voices be heard?

I’m not going to tell you why Israel is in the right. It’s unimportant what I or the association I represent thinks. You can probably guess what my thoughts are. I only ask that you consider all of the facts of the situation for yourself. Don’t let student associations or professors or organizations tell you what you think about an issue. Do some research! It’s a fascinating subject and important part of the world politically and culturally. At Trent you’ll find yourself exposed to a lot of anti-Israel sentiment. You owe it to yourself to get informed and think critically at the inflammatory remarks and bigotry being directed at the Israeli state.

Again, I’ll restate. The Trent Zionist Society asks for the resignation from the Trent Central Student Association all those that were involved in their anti-Israel, “Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction” policy on the Palestinian question. Such a bigoted, partisan stance from a student representative body is unacceptable. The Trent Zionist Society will require an official apology from the group, and in the absence of that we will consider our options in regard to discriminatory and anti-hate laws that the Trent Central Student Association are subject to.

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