As you can see, the title of this article has now changed, and for good reason. The title “Welcome to the Occult” was meant with good intention, however, when people read or hear the word ‘occult’ they immediately are filled with fear. If you were to ask people on the street what the occult was, you would probably get a different answer from each person. Unfortunately, the answers would probably have one thing in common, that the occult is something to be feared. Few people can define the word ‘occult’ but most agree it’s bad. If one were to look up the definition in the dictionary they would see the meaning of the occult covers the supernatural, mysticism or magical beliefs and practices, to study alchemy, wizardry or witchcraft. It can also relate to the paranormal. People tend to fear the unknown or what they do not understand, and many have been conditioned as to what to believe. We need to step out of the mind trap. We need to step out of human conditioning. The word can frighten us because we don’t understand it.

So is the occult good or bad? It is so easy to label a topic if we do not understand and just carry on with life. The witch hunt in Salem Massachusetts in 1692 is a good example of this. Nineteen innocent men, women and children were hung. Many others where tortured into confessing and were subsequently jailed. I actually went to Salem and researched what happened there and found it to be something to be feared. If one took the time they would find the witch hunt began because of an innocent women who practiced herbal medicine.

To those brave souls who have questions about this journey we call life, a basic understanding of what the occult is and why people are drawn to it would be helpful for the believers who do desire understanding. The definitions of the occult can vary. It can be a bad thing, but it can also be a good thing. It all depends on the individual and how they choose to practice and conduct themselves. I prefer not to use the word ‘occult’ because of the history tied to it. That is not me- that is not who I am or what I am about. What I believe to be true for me is the practice of mysticism and the communication with the unseen world. Psychic mediumship is a practice is designed for guidance and a sense of well-being for all. It helps those who grieve connect with loved ones who have passed, to bring comfort, peace and understanding. Connecting with individuals through psychic abilities or through Spirit for me is an honour. To have these abilities to connect and work with the divine is a good thing. Over time and continuous practice we strengthen our inner truth. What we believe gives us a sense of purpose because we allow ourselves to follow our passions. Being intuitive and listening to that inner voice can be very helpful. How many times have we said to ourselves, “something just told me not to go there, I wish I had listened”? We are all born with this divine power, you can resist it or you can choose to listen and be aware of it. We do have choices which is why we have free will. Thank goodness times are changing and for the better; people are curious and less afraid to ask questions. Instead of struggling through this world of mysticism, feeling uncertain and alone we have each other. The time has come and it is now for unity of mind, body and soul.

In Light,