We already heard from The Postelles about how love isn’t a hard on, but we certainly have a hard on for them. On Thursday, February 28 The Postelles opened for Arkells at The Venue and the show was exactly how we expected: off the hook. Reporter Alice Froude was there to experience first hand what this band is all about.

Postelles new photo_credit Megan Mack Photo by Megan Mack

The Postelles’ music is loud, exciting, and edgy. Difficult to squeeze into one genre, I would say their music generally has an air of indie rock, but it is more energetic and upbeat than a lot of music that emerges from this genre, with a lingering scent of garage pop. I find their music incredibly refreshing. The lyrics are good. The music good. The lads are delightful.

Their first album is very relaxed, and perhaps a little repetitive, with some of the tracks sounding very alike. All the same, the whole album is easy listening and gets you in the mood to dance. I’d place the band in between Foster the People and Miles Kane; an unlikely pair that seem to work surprisingly well together.

The Postelles live set was electric. Here, the repetitiveness of the first album worked wonders as each song got the audience just a little bit more excited. I have never seen a crowd be so enthusiastic during a supporting act. The lead singer’s dreamy vocals and his equally talented, charming (and devilishly handsome) band clearly won over the hearts of the ladies, and the lads were definitely impressed. A friend of mine who went to see Arkells left with a Postelles drumstick, t-shirt and CD.

They performed a couple of songs from their current record, the self-named album The Postelles, and a couple of newbie’s from their album …And it Shook Me which will be released on April 23. Their new tracks are generally more lyrical and smoother, where the ‘old stuff’ feels more thrown-together in an endearing sort of way.

The performance had just that little bit something extra, which isn’t only found in a particularly excitable or rowdy crowd. The Postelles generated their own little something something and the audience responded accordingly. It is impossible to describe the pizzazz that some bands generate, but The Postelles certainly had it.

I can’t get enough of this band and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone; they are easy listening, fun, and get you dancing like an absolute fool.