Catching Fire


And thus the shaman awakens
coming forward through the ashes
the light she brings
cackling and howling unto the nights sky
she awakens the dawn
the light within
Her body torn ravaged and aching
her hair wild as the wind
she steps forward once more
Into her rightful place before the flame
consumed, she drinks again
consumed, she tastes the fire burning
consumed, her pieces shatter
as her spirit comes whole
She is awoke she is enlightened she is thy holy mother
Divine grace in her every step
She leaves in her trails, life flourishing
She leaves in her wake, hearts expanding
She leaves in her glory, she walks in her power
She is the divine goddess
She is the shaman
She is the holy mother
Here once more
The call of the earth, beckons
the screams of her children, yearn
her heart racing, her pulse quickening, she steps into her rightful place
The shaman into the light
The frailty of her subtle skin
the vomit before her
sick and burdened
she steps forward
to her rightful place
she steps forward to the darkness of the earthly shadow
Fully knowing the magnitude of her task
the feet of her challenge
to love a world turned dark and cold
to open the hearts of broken men
to cradle the hurt of her daughters
The shaman awakens
to love her children
To heal the life so fully of cruelty
she knows within her power holds the key to the infinite
the beauty
she knows in her depths holds the medicine
of salvation
of pure love
She Awakens