The Trent African Carribean Student Union TACSU is a regional group that functions to promote, preserve and protect African and Caribbean culture and, to a larger extent, creates an outlet that enriches the diversity at Trent.One of our core ideals is our belief in the freedom of expression. From dancing, to singing, acting and poetry, we have learned that appreciation for human expression through the arts truly forms the essence of the group.

While our group is primarily made up of African and Caribbean students, we boast international students from other regions, as well as local Canadian students.We host a number of events, with the most popular being The Afrobana Showcase Festival, in which members of the group exhibit and perform various facets of African and Caribbean culture. Whether it’s traditional dances or a colorful cultural attire display, Afrobana always delivers a powerful performance that takes its guests from the coasts of the Caribbean to the warm terrain of Africa, and gives everyone the chance to reflect on the medley of different cultures.

In addition, there is an exciting forum we have set up, which started in the winter semester; the first Breakfast Club sessions organized by the group. The basis of these sessions lies in the firm realization that we, the youth, are the leaders and game changers of tomorrow. The Breakfast Club is student-lead, and involves discussions on the economic and political aspects of the Caribbean and African countries.

We have a good number of participants and we also encourage everyone to sign up. Furthermore, we plan on having a TACSU dance team, where members can come together, learn new dance moves to different genres of music all in the name of fun and exercise. The dance team will be formed in the fall semester so members should definitely look out for it and we encourage all our members to join.

Starting in September, TACSU plans to host its annual Welcome Back BBQ and the Welcome Back Party. We find that the annual BBQ is a wonderful setting to meet new people and to reconnect with old friends. What’ll follow the BBQ is the Welcome Back Party, where everyone is invited to come out and usher in the new academic school year with a party that is sure to entertain everyone who attends.

Our other events for the year vary from upbeat socials to inspiring discussions. All in all, we hope to bring the best of TACSU this year and we encourage everyone to join and participate in our events. We also hope to inspire and provide the Trent student community with an unforgettable experience. Here is to looking forward to a fantastic year!