Theatre Trent holding competition to find its new logo

Theatre Trent is holding a logo design contest for artists and graphic designers. They are looking for a design which is theatrical and easily identifiable.

Deadline for submissions is December 31, 2014. The winning entry will receive $250.

According to Ryan Kerr, alumni representative on the Theatre Trent Executive Committee, Theatre Trent is a student levy group of Trent University dedicated to supporting theatrical endeavours throughout the Trent community by both current Trent students and Trent alumni.

The group does not mount its own productions, instead assisting aspiring theatre makers  by providing financial support and props/costume storage space that funded projects have access to.

In addition, through a partnership with The Theatre on King, funded shows have access to a rehearsal venue at no cost to the production.

To be eligible for Theatre Trent funding, at least 50% of the cast and crew must be Trent students and/or alumni.

None of the funding can be allotted to wages, only props, costumes, venue rental, production costs, and equipment.

Over the years Theatre Trent’s funding has proved invaluable to the local theatre and performance scene, says Kerr.

Most recently it is funding the current production of Romeo and Juliet: Superstar Ice Miners on Europa!!  by Mysterious Entity, and the upcoming production of Truth by the motley collective, but also it was key in assisting the Anne Shirley Theatre Company with funding before they gained their own levy, and consistently assists the Classics Drama with their yearly production.

The need for a new logo comes as Theatre Trent attempts to rebuild and expand its presence in Peterborough.

“Due to a lack of affordable performance/rehearsal space, Theatre Trent continued to fund current students and alumni in many and various productions, but had fewer applicants. As applications lessened, so did Theatre Trent’s visibility and profile in the community.”

Despite this adversity, Theatre Trent continued and persisted through these somewhat less productive years.

Kerr says that the new logo is “a way to re-launch Theatre Trent as a presence within the community again; a re-branding for the 21st century.”

To learn more about Theatre Trent, funding guidelines, or to submit a logo design, visit their or contact them at: