TISA Cultural Outreach: The Story of Us

Poster for Trent International Students Association (TISA) Cultural Outreach 2018: The Story of Us, coming to Showplace March 17. Image via TISA on Facebook.

Trent International Student Association (TISA) is hosting their annual Cultural Outreach event on March 17. This year’s event is teased on their Facebook page: “… For this year’s annual Cultural Outreach, we will tell you a story through a mystery journal. We will be seeing students, from all different backgrounds, come together to showcase a little flavour from around the world.”

That sounds both intriguing and fun. The ‘mystery’ aspect of the event leaves the reader with questions, in a good way. I’m not 100% sure what it means, but it makes me want to go to find out.

The event occurs annually as a culmination to TISA’s ongoing efforts within, and for, Trent’s international student community. As told to me by one of TISA’s executives, Cultural Outreach “… is the main event for TISA, which aims to create awareness of other cultures and communities by displaying a show from different backgrounds from all over the world. TISA always tries to make the show as diverse as possible, by not focusing on any specific ethnic group, but by inviting all cultures to participate equally.”

This inclusivity is the main point of TISA as an organization. Coming to Canada from a different country is surely hard at any age, but imagine coming here to study at a post-secondary level, not being as familiar with the culture, and of course, being a young and nervous incoming student. TISA advocates for, and provides an important, necessary and inclusive community for these students. As the executive stated, “Cultural Outreach is the epitome of what TISA represents: connecting cultures from all over the world, with this event as a platform for students of Trent University to proudly display their culture to the greater Peterborough community.”

A broad diversity of cultures will be represented, celebrating the “diversity and vibrancy of the Trent International community’s culture, and showcasing various elements of performing arts from the Caribbean, South Asia, Africa, Asia, Canada & Latin America.”

This year’s theme is entitled The Story of Us. A simple notion, but one which I’m sure many Trent students are not as aware of, as they think or should like to be. Past year’s events included the themes of: State of Emergency (2017), Phantom of the Opera (2016), and Eureka! (2015).

The different specific dances relayed to me were that of Bachata, Afrobeats Dancehall, Bhangra and Bollywood, as well as traditional Chinese, Malaysian, and Russian songs. There will be singers and spoken-word artists to enhance the diversity of performances.

The event is a two-hour performance, which will occur at Showplace Performance Centre on March 17, for two showings at 2 P.M. and 7 P.M. respectively. Tickets for the show are $15, or $20 for a show and after party. Tickets can be bought at the TCSA office in the Student Centre, as well as bought directly from the Facebook event.

Tickets will also be sold outside of Wenjack Theatre. Updates for times to pick up a ticket there are also posted at the aforementioned event page.

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