Trent Active Minds

Trent Active Minds is a student-led group that raises awareness about mental health while reducing stigma around campus. Active Minds provides information about the resources on campus that can benefit students mental health such as counselling and other services.

TAM also puts on events to reduce stigma and promote a healthy mental state. Some of our events are held annually, like Smash the Stigma and No Stress Day. Smash the Stigma is an event where students write stigmatized words surrounding mental health on pumpkins and smash them on Bata Podium and this event will be happening in October.

Our No Stress Days happen the week before exams and feature therapy dogs, yoga, crafts, and other fun activities to reduce stress during the busy time. We also have smaller events throughout the year like Compliments and Cookies which will be happening in September, where we will give you a cookie if you compliment yourself, to spread self love. In addition to these great events, we will also have booths set up for Clubs and Groups Day and Bell Let’s Talk Day.

Although we believe that mental health awareness is not just in the big events, eliminating stigma is a daily task! We post on our social media platforms often with Mental Health Mondays, where students have the opportunity to tell their stories publicly or anonymously.

To see all of our daily posts and to stay up to date with our events, you can follow our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.