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Trent African Caribbean Student Association says a big hello!

Hello! The Trent African Caribbean Student Union is one of the six regional groups here at Trent and we bring comfort to some students while introducing others to the cultures of the African and Caribbean communities. One does not even have to be an international student to become a member—just come with an open mind and a genuine interest in learning about both cultures.

When it comes to events throughout the year, TACSU has plenty! We have an annual event called Afrobana. It is a performance show held at the Market Hall Performing Arts Centre which allows for our members to show Trent and the greater Peterborough community the various artistic talent representative of their countries.

Each year, there is a theme that we select and portray throughout the show. Last year’s theme was entitled the Heritage Vortex, inspired by the movie ‘Back to the Future’, where the audience members were taken on a time-travel adventure looking at the change that has occurred within the African and Caribbean culture from past to present.

This is a show that you would definitely not want to miss! Come experience a new culture through dance, live drumming, spoken word poetry, acting and much more! We are going to give you a little hint for this year’s theme, so as to ensure you will be looking forward to it and attending on November 12 2016. The theme will focus on portraying what it is like being an African or Caribbean individual and living miles away from the place we call home sweet home.

Our second major event that we hold annually is actually a series that takes place throughout February for Black History Month (BHM). We host some workshops that are discussion-based and some for artistic expression. We also invite people who are making waves and speaking out against injustices that people of colour face in Canada.

In the past, we have had Liberty Silver come and share her experiences of being a person of colour in the Canadian music scene, as well as giving an incredible performance. Apart from weekly workshops during BHM, we also hold movie nights, photographic campaigns and editorial spreads in Arthur. Towards the end of the school year, we have our annual formal; a night of classy dressing, dinner and entertainment.

As a student union here on campus, we welcome every student at Trent and encourage them to talk about their experiences and share new things with one another. This is partly done through our regular meetings called TACSU Talks; a safe space for students to come and talk about issues they face not just here in Canada but back home as well.

Each session holds a different topic of conversation. It is an amazing learning experience and not only do you get to hear other people’s thoughts, we get to hear yours! This discussion is not limited to our members—it is expanded to Trent University as a whole. You are more than welcome to invite your roommates, study buddies, program associates and the like.

TACSU also has a recreational dance team that meets regularly for practice. Here, we perform a variety of dances related to genres such as soca, dancehall, and afrobeats.

These dances are often performed at our annual Afrobana show and the Cultural Outreach show held by TISA (Trent’s International Student Association). The great thing about these events is you don’t have to be an experienced dancer to join. Just come with a willingness to learn the amazing choreography and be prepared for a fun-filled and memorable night.

If we must say so ourselves, we throw some live parties throughout the year to help students release the stress we occasionally receive from school, friends, work and family.

For these parties one does not have to be a member to attend. We are a very welcoming group and our parties are definitely open to the public, so be sure to invite your friends from Brock, Windsor, Western, UFT, Australia… etc.!

To stay informed with all that we do throughout the year, be sure to attend Clubs and Groups Day and stop by our table. We will be displaying a variety of African clothing and Caribana costumes so it is nearly impossible for you to miss it! Upon meeting with you, we will also register you on the spot and immediately get you engaged in all what we have to offer.

In the meantime, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our website to keep up with updates on what is happening next.

We hope to see you in the 2016-2017 school year and we welcome you in advance to our amazing student union!

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