Source: Trent University

On a beautiful sunny and warm April 14, Trent University and Fleming College signed a Memorandum of Understanding in an effort to bridge yet another gap between the two Peterborough-based institutions.

Trent President Dr. Leo Groarke and Fleming President Dr. Tony Tilly have both consented to the memorandum.

This will serve to foster the collaboration of teaching and research programs in environmental and natural resource studies in order to continue the two institutions current statuses as leaders in environmental research and academics.

In addition to the Trent and Fleming presidents, there was a who’s who of environmental minds in attendance for the signing. Dr. Stephen Bocking, Trent’s Director of the School of Environment, Dr. Linda Skilton, Fleming’s Frost Campus president and dean of the School of Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences at Fleming, and Dr. Tom Whilans, a professor in Trent’s environmental resource program, among many others who are both invested and excited about this agreement.

Bocking spoke at the event.

“This agreement is an exciting step for the new Trent School of the Environment,” said Bocking.

“We have enjoyed a long and productive collaboration with Fleming College, and this agreement will be the foundation for even more opportunities for our students to benefit from the wide array of environmental and natural resource programs offered by both institutions.”

It was noted during the event that this memorandum would allow much more fluidity in the sharing of both academics and facilities for each institution. This includes faculty, and students as well.

The agreement brings the opportunity for students at both institutions a much easier pathway from Fleming to Trent, or vice versa.

This continuity will allow students to share in freedoms to attend conferences, guest speakers, community-based research projects, co-op opportunities, field camps and various workshops.

Groarke and Tilly took turns addressing a few of the benefits of the program at the signing event last Thursday.

“We are very pleased to be signing an MOU with Fleming College which will strengthen and further an important partnership,” said Groarke.

“In the university sector we are leaders in environmental study and research, as Fleming is a leader in the college sector. This agreement will combine our expertise and offerings in a way that will provide students with exceptional opportunities to pursue environmental studies and research.”

Tilly has a few words to say as well.

“Fleming College and Trent University have a longstanding relationship that goes back to the early days of each institution,” said Tilly.

“Through this agreement, we look forward to the opportunity to further advance our partnership with Trent in this sector. Creating more seamless pathways between Fleming and Trent will ensure students receive the best of both worlds – access to hands-on education in the field, as well as theoretical knowledge.”

Excited about the merger between these two leaders in environmental sciences, Skilton spoke about how the new project collaboration will advance both Trent’s and Fleming’s already stellar reputation in the fields of environmental research and academics.

“Fleming has been a leader in environmental education for more than 40 years,” Skilton shared.

“As such, we are constantly looking for ways to continue to advance – to improve and innovate. Expanding access for our students and faculty to new possibilities within Trent School of the Environment is an important aspect for our growth as an institution and further formalizes our existing, significant partnership with Trent.”

Trent and Fleming seem to be in constant unison on so many platforms, it only seems natural that this memorandum of understanding would come to fruition in order to advance the reputation of both schools in the fields of environmental sciences.