Trent community blog

Where’s the best place to eat on campus? Where can I go if I’m struggling with school? Where are all my classes located?

Now all these questions and more can be answered by visiting one place:

The blog was created by four upper-year business students, with the goal of helping younger students navigate their way through university.

The blog is full of useful information that is sure to answer any questions a student might have. The best part about the blog is students now have one main place to go to have all their questions answered. Chances are, if you have a question, the blog will have the answer.

Perhaps one of the most important tools listed on the blog is what to do if you are feeling down or depressed. Trent wants you to know that you are not alone, and many people are feeling the same way you are; additionally, the blog gives clear direction about who to contact if you are struggling.

The blog is full of useful information. Do you have to walk on campus alone at night after you come back from a night out?

Who can I call if I have an emergency? Where can I find the menus for the cafeterias at Trent? What time do the cafeterias open?

How can I book a room on campus? Where can I find bus schedules? What does the Trent campus in Oshawa offer? Is there free parking at the Oshawa campus? All these questions and more can be answered by visiting the blog.

The group that created the blog are all fourth-year students. Their hope is that the blog will live on even once the students have left school.

If you would like to support the blog or have any questions you feel should be added, please email Chris at Any feedback is much appreciated. The group has one mission, and that is to make things easier for newer students. University can be overwhelming at times, so it’s good that blogs like this exist in order to let students know they are not the only ones with questions.

Students are encouraged to check out the blog and tell their friends about it as well. So, stop what you are doing and go check it out!