Trent Fashion Show

fashion show by pn imagingThe Trent Fashion Show is a student club consisting of members passionate about fashion, charity and fun!

We work towards an annual fashion show event in March to raise money for a charity in our community while showcasing a variety of local talents, from models to makeup, artists to dancers, and more!

Students of all shapes, sizes and abilities are encouraged to audition to model for us (see dates on our website).

If you have talent to entertain or wish to volunteer with us, please email

We are also currently looking for an artistic individual to design our posters and advertisements!

This year, we are raising money for Peterborough’s Youth Emergency Shelter on Brock Street downtown, which provides a home for the many without the luxury of a roof and bed in our own city.

We hope to reach a mark of $2000 this year for the shelter’s upkeep and support.

Have any questions, comments, or just want to check us out? We will be at the Bata podium during Clubs and Groups Day on Wednesday September 10 from 10 am 4 pm. Come say “Hi” and grab an information card!

Keep an eye out for our body positivity workshop in October. Everyone is invited!

You can find us on Twitter (@TUFashionShow), Instagram (@trentfashionshow), Facebook, Youtube, and at

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