Trent Film Society Presents: Repulsion


Repulsion explores many chilling themes, such as claustrophobia and mental illness.  Polanski’s early work had a particular fascination with these themes, which also appear in Rosemary’s Baby (1968) and The Tenant (1976). Following the young female protagonist Carol (played by actress Catherine Deneuve), Repulsion begins by showing us the world of a middle-class woman and then distorting it into a claustrophobic nightmare.

Join us for the third of four instalments of our Shock-tober film series on Wednesday, October 15 at 8pm @ Artspace, in which we will continue to explore horror cinema as both an artistic cultural phenomenon, as well as a means to get our pants scared off.

Repulsion is far less graphic than our first two screenings I Saw the Devil (2010) and Martyrs (2008). But don’t be fooled; this Polanski horror film has a way of sinking in and will have you squirming in your seats!

The film has a subtlety throughout its first half, examining the mundane life of a seemingly secure manicurist staying in her sister’s apartment. The focus on Carol’s workplace, her encounters with men, and her stay in the apartment slowly shifts from the ordinary to the deeply disturbing.

Polanski hones his ability for capturing the inner psyche in this film with surprising effects and repulsive scenes. The horror in Repulsion comes not from the external forces of her daily life directly, but rather from her inability to cope with them.

Repulsion was Polanski’s first big commercial success in the UK and the US, and was also his first English-language feature. This paved the way for many other great Hollywood classics such as both of Polanski’s Academy Award-winning films Chinatown (1974) and The Pianist (2002). Polanski is a household name here at TFS and it is always a privilege to share his work with Peterborough audiences.

Some of you may remember one of his more recent works, Carnage (2011), which we showed this past April. Why not come and check out where his genius all began this coming Wednesday night?

Our screenings are open to everyone, not just Trent students, so invite a friend or family member. Admission is free for everyone. Our screenings are held at Artspace, 378 Aylmer St N. The screening starts at 8pm. We hope to see you there!