Trent Film Society Presents: Rushmore


Hello fellow Trent students and movie goers!

Next week, Trent Film Society will be screening a laughable and lovable quirky comedy about the problems many students face when it comes to balancing grades and extra-curricular activities.

Join us Wednesday, September 10 at 9pm @ Artspace for our screening of Wes Anderson’s 1998 film Rushmore, part two of our focus on the stresses of youth in academia.

What better way to start off the school year than with a pair of films celebrating the importance of education!

If you missed the screening last week, no need to worry, the movies are only related thematically, newcomers are always welcome.

Rushmore is a fun coming of age tale, following the passionate and overly ambitious Max Fischer as he tries to make the most out of life and out of school.

Determined to make his experience at Rushmore Academy the best it can be, Max joins every club and team he can, founding a few groups of his own. Inevitably, his involvement in all of these groups gives him very little time for school work, affecting his grades.

Sound familiar?

This movie has lots of laughs but it also has some heart. The movie explores the many layers of the school experience, realizing the experience isn’t just about making time for homework, but also a time for finding yourself and making some good friends along the way.

Though I strongly doubt any of you have put together plans for making an aquarium at your school, all while working on your own theatre production (good on you if you have), there is something about Max Fischer’s tenacity that we can all relate to.

Some of you may have attended our Market Hall screening last year of one of Wes Anderson’s more recent films Moonrise Kingdom (2012).  Join us this coming Wednesday as we explore yet another Wes Anderson classic!

Like many of his other films, Rushmore is filled with an array of quirky and ambitious characters.

There is also love, friendship, betrayal, self-discovery, and of course, comedy actor/legend Bill Murray.

Why not take a break from the typical summer movie line up playing at Galaxy and join us for one that’s more off-beat?

Our screenings are open to everyone, not just Trent students, so invite a friend or family member.

Did I mention entry is 100% FREE!?  Our screenings are held at Artspace, Peterborough’s artist-run centre, which is located at 378 Aylmer Street North, near the Greyhound station at the Simcoe Street and Aylmer Street intersection. The screening starts at 9pm.

We hope to see you there!