Trent Film Society presents: The Room

youre tearing me apart

Oh hi Trent movie goers and film enthusiasts!

Next week, Wednesday January 21, Trent Film Society will be screening Tommy Wiseau’s 2003 film The Room, the second part of our three part series of good ‘bad’ movies.

From the creative mind of the writer, actor, director, and visionary, Tommy Wiseau, comes a melodrama of epic proportions!

The Room deals with friendship, romance, betrayal, and love gone wrong in a completely unique way.

It is most likely the case that it was not intended to be received by audiences the way it was, but Wiseau put together a movie that so completely misses its mark that many consider it a masterpiece.

The film is about a successful banker who is betrayed by his fiancé when she has an affair with his best friend.

This emotionally stressful plot, however, is poorly executed by the actors and production. This results in a movie that, instead of being cathartic, is completely laughable.

Though Trent Film Society tries to show the best of alternative cinema, The Room is a movie experience too good to pass up.

Tired of dramas with the same old predictable plot and dialogue? Bored by films with actors portraying characters that develop in a logical manner? Dulled by the lack of variety at Galaxy Cinemas? Then The Room is the movie for you!

With the combination of illogical dialogue, inexplicable plot developments, and acting so bizarre you’d swear we were screening a surrealist film. The Room is sure to leave you speechless, that is, when you aren’t laughing in hysterics!

Since its release it has become a cult classic played by fans everywhere. Tommy Wiseau himself has joined eager viewers for a good laugh.

Though the initial box office was a complete failure (with a budget of $6,000,000 and an initial box office run of a measly $1800), Wiseau has managed to gather a large and loyal following by participating in various interviews, cameos, video games, guest appearances, and even personally attending screenings of the film.

Unfortunately Wiseau was too busy to join us for our screening, but we assure you that it will still be quite the show!

We will have some viewing customs, like the throwing of plastic spoons and the shouting of jeers.

If you are confused, don’t worry! The rules for watching will be explained beforehand.

We hope you can join us for this hilariously bad film.

Our screening will be held at Market Hall which is located downtown at 140 Charlotte Street on the corner of George Street at the clock tower.

All Trent Film Society screenings are free and the doors are open to everyone. You don’t have to be a Trent student to attend, so invite your friends and your doggie!