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Trent Film Society presents their final screening: The Room

[Pictured] Tommy Wiseau from The Room (2013)
Oh hi! We here at TFS would love to send a huge thank you to all of you Peterborough citizens who have joined us for our first year as Film Society Directors.

The support from all of you has helped us make this year a fantastic one, and we are more than excited to continue screening great movies for you throughout the summer and next year (make sure to check out our Facebook group where we will be updating you about our exciting summer lineup).

Before we wrap up for the end of the school year however, we do have one more event lined up for you all and we can promise you now that it is going the best possible way that to ring out the school year and destress over our exams.

Next Wednesday April 20, at Market Hall TFS will be screening Tommy Wiseau’s much beloved classic film The Room, complete with audience participation, snacks and trivia questions with prizes!

Now for those of you who have the misfortune of not knowing The Room, the film is arguably one of the most incompetently made and awful films of all time.

The Room, which was famously labelled “the Citizen Kane of bad movies” by Entertainment Weekly, follows the character of Johnny (played by film director, writer and producer Tommy Wiseau), who is involved in a love triangle with his “future wife” Lisa and his best friend Mark.

From there, Wiseau takes this story down some pretty bizarre paths, such as throwing in subplots that are abandoned almost immediately after they are mentioned, characters that just show up half way through the film without any introduction and having the characters act in completely random ways, such as having them toss a football between one another in various scenes of the film for absolutely no reason at all.

Now, when we say that this film is a classic, we do not mean classic in the traditional sense.

The Room is very much an awful piece of cinema, by every meaning of the word.

The label of classic is warranted because of how bad it truly is. We are really not exaggerating when we say that it may be impossible to find a more incompetently made film than this one.

With its piss poor editing, convoluted and nonsensical story, hilariously bad acting and unbelievably bad script, it’s almost as if the film was trying to take the reign as worst movie ever made.

It really is hard to imagine what the mindset of the entire cast and crew was during the making of this film.

But, due to all of these ineptitudes, the film ends up making for a hilarious and extremely entertaining experience, especially with a large and lively crowd.  Maybe it’s the film’s self-seriousness, or the fact that it has pretty much zero redeeming qualities on a technical level, but it really does make for a hilarious movie-going experience and it would be a shame to miss watching the film with a lively and large crowd.

And, to make the screening even more exciting, we plan on utilizing the film’s infamous “audience participation” accessory.  So, bring your spoons and your footballs if you wish to participate (which, trust me, you will want to).

Again, like all of our other screenings, this one is absolutely free and it starts at 8p.m.

The film does have some mature content, so be cautious if you plan on bringing younger children. Hope to see you there!

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