Trent Film Society presents: V for Vendetta


Hello fellow Trent students and movie goers! Next week, Trent Film Society will be taking a break from our usual programming to bring you a movie a little more mainstream than what we typically screen.

Join us Wednesday, November 5 for V for Vendetta. Come celebrate Guy Fawkes Day with a movie not to be forgotten. V for Vendetta is jam-packed with action. With a thrilling political plot, it is exciting from start to finish!

Typically we don’t screen films with this much box office success (we like to screen movies we think people might not have had the opportunity to see otherwise), but seeing as this Wednesday’s screening fell on its unofficial holiday we decided it was too perfect an opportunity to pass up.

Set in a dystopian future, the fascist Norsefire party rules the United Kingdom with an iron fist. With a secret police keeping an eye on every citizen and the threat of chaos and disease, the people of the United Kingdom live orderly lives in fear of the threat of persecution.

On the night of November 5, a young woman named Evey (Natalie Portman) is confronted by members of the secret police while out after curfew. Before the secret police can do anything, the masked vigilante V (Hugo Weaving) comes to Evey’s rescue. Suddenly Evey is caught between a corrupt government bent on maintaining control and a force of vengeance that wants the whole establishment to crumble.

V for Vendetta was adapted from Alan Moore’s 1982 comic by the same name into a screenplay by James McTeigue and the Wachowski siblings, who also worked on The Matrix trilogy together a few years before.

Working with McTeigue and the Wachowski siblings yet again is actor Hugo Weaving (who played Agent Smith in The Matrix trilogy) as the vigilante V.

Weaving is joined with a stellar cast, including actress Natalie Portman as protagonist Evey, John Hurt as the menacing High Chancellor Adam Sutler, and British comedian Stephen Fry as Deitrich, offering comic relief. The film is captivating not only because of the action but also because of the actors’ performances.

Guy Fawkes masks and costumes are encouraged, so bring them if you have them, or make your own! Store bought V for Vendetta merchandise is discouraged (mainly because of the irony) but is in no way prohibited.

Our screenings are open to everyone, Trent students and locals alike. Did I mention entry is 100% FREE!? Our screenings are held at Artspace, Peterborough’s artist-run centre, which is located at 378 Aylmer St North, near the Greyhound station at the Simcoe St and Aylmer St intersection. The screening starts at 8pm. We hope to see you there!

Also on Wednesday, November 5 @ Artspace, Boris Godzinevski and David Hollands will be screening their new movie Destination: Rad City.

The film stars Rick, a loner in a small town, ridiculed for his love of the 1980s. Anxious to leave the town that ostracized him, Rick sets out to fulfill his late father’s wishes to attend an 80s themed music festival. Faced with adversity and unforeseen obstacles along the way, Rick is forced to make some of the most important and difficult decisions of his life.

Entry fees for the Destination: Rad City screening is $5. All proceeds go towards the filmmakers; they have to eat too! Their screening starts at 6pm. Hope you can make it!