Trent International Students’ Association

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The Trent International Students’ Association, most commonly referred to as TISA, is dedicated to celebrating diversity and promoting cultural understanding.

TISA does this by financially supporting and encouraging international student groups and organizations, by hosting a series of events throughout the year that seek to bring together students from all over the world, and by providing support and services to international students. As the second largest student organization at Trent, TISA strives to create an environment where multiculturalism is embraced.

TISA’s first event of the year is a Welcome Back Barbeque, traditionally held at the Peterborough Zoo. The barbeque is held with the purpose of welcoming back returning students and introducing incoming students the international community at Trent.

TISA also holds a series of events over Thanksgiving weekend to give international students a glimpse of what the North American holiday is.

In addition to hosting a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, complete with turkey and mashed potatoes, TISA hosts a sporting event known as TISAlympics. In this event, regional groups, and anyone who wants to join, compete in a series of sporting events throughout the day. Sports range from soccer to badminton and are designed to trigger some friendly competition between international students.

TISA also holds a formal dinner in which international student groups cater food from all over the world. At this event, you can fill your plate with tacos, guacamole, spring rolls, curry, and butter chicken, all in one night. The event introduces international cuisine and gives you a taste of various regions of the world.

TISA’s largest event is Cultural Outreach. Hosted at Showplace Performance Centre, Cultural Outreach consists of a serious of dances, songs, and skits performed by Trent students. The show not only displays cultural acts to the audience, but backstage is filled with interactions between performers that result in new friendships and exchanges.

TISA welcomes all students to join in the celebration of cultural diversity. You can approach us during clubs and groups day, like us on facebook, email us to or check out our website at

Welcome to the international student community!