Trent Liberty

You may have wondered over the course of last semester, “What is this scandalous organization that litters campus with these arcane black and white posters?”  We are Trent Liberty.  A group of libertarians determined to promote freedom and engage the student body in political discussion.  Libertarians are individuals who believe you “should be free to do anything you wish provided you do not harm someone else.”  On social policy we’re pro-choice, pro gay marriage, against drug prohibition, and for the separation of church and state.  On economic policy, we are pro free market, individual opportunity, and prosperity.  Libertarians are not admirers of the truncheon or the coercion of individuals.  We believe the best policy is to leave people alone and let them choose their own destiny – We believe in liberty.

Over the year we will undertake two initiatives: The Liberty Series and The Econ Series.  Both will ardently educate and champion the moral and economic arguments for a free society.  The Liberty Series will consist of two lectures while The Econ Series will consist of only one. In the not so distant future, Trent Liberty is also planning a debate entitled “Capitalism vs. Socialism” to take place in Wenjack Theatre in advance of winter examinations. If you would like to know more, “Like” us on Facebook, follow us @TrentLiberty, or subscribe to our YouTube channel.

About Scott Berry 6 Articles
Scott is a Trent Economics major.  Congruent to his atheistic and libertarian views, he believes you should be free to pursue your own unique version of happiness so long as that pursuit does not inflict harm upon others.  In addition to Economics, he reads extensively on Warfare, Science, Evolutionary Psychology, and Political Philosophy.  He is also the founder of Trent Liberty and has the intention on becoming an Officer in the Royal Canadian Navy.  You can follow Scott on Twitter or read his blog