Trent men’s hockey tryouts

Ned Stark from the hit T.V. show Game of Thrones famously said, “Winter is coming.”

Trent Hockey
Trent Men’s Hockey Team Winning Last Year’s Championship

Winter is indeed quickly approaching us and that can only mean one thing for most Canadians.
The beginning of HOCKEY SEASON!

If you are a Trent male looking to get in on the Excalibur hockey team please feel free to attend tryouts starting Tuesday, September 22nd and everyday until Friday, September 25th from 12PM-1PM at the Kinsmen Arena in Peterborough.

The Trent Excalibur Men’s Hockey team won Gold at the Challenge Cup last year and would like to build on the success of previous years.

Head Coach Gavin McKnight would like those considering trying out to know, “It doesn’t matter what level of Hockey you played, we are always looking to have new players to the program and continue to build on our team’s success.”

So there you have it fellas. It doesn’t matter if you’re a 5 star skilled player like Sidney Crosby or a super pest like Sean Avery.

The Trent Excalibur Men’s Hockey team might just have a role for you! So why not give it a try and don’t be shy. Feel free to contact coach Gavin McKnight with any questions or concerns via telephone at (705) 868-9443.