Trent Muslim Student Association


Article co-written with Noor Zanzoul

The Trent Muslim Student Association (TMSA) is a non-profit group with around 200 members! We have been a student group since 1999. Our goal is to help our members integrate with the Peterborough community and their post-secondary experience.

Our aim is to help Muslims preserve their Islamic values while working within Canadian society, as well as to educate both Muslims and non-Muslims about the Islamic faith, stereotypes, and other issues.

The TMSA represents the voice of the Muslim students at Trent. We accommodate and help current and prospective members at the university with their academic, social and religious needs.

TMSA also encourages and builds relations with both Muslim and non-Muslims and groups within the Trent community as well as beyond.

Basically, TMSA is your spot to get any information you want about Islam and Muslims, whether it is for a school essay or just general knowledge. You can reach out to TMSA for whatever you need and we will try to help you as much as possible. Inquiries can be about housing, information about the Peterborough community, prayer timings, our events, any criticisms you may have, etc. And of course, ideas about events are always welcome!

TMSA is quite an active group on campus and our events are geared towards providing an Islamic atmosphere while fulfilling your social, academic and physical needs. Some of our annual events include our Eid dinner, Pink Hijab Day, and Islam Awareness Week.

Last year we were able to add Grad Dinner to the list of annual events, and this year we will be adding Charity Week to the list.

TMSA is connected to other Ontario wide MSAs, and together last year, we organized a winter coat drive for Syria. This year we will be joining forces with them to raise funds for charity for an entire week!

TGIF! Or should I say TGIJ? (Thank God it’s Jumm’uah) Do you have classes on Friday and are worried about attending Friday Prayer at the mosque? Well, TMSA has you covered! We offer Jummu’ah prayers on campus at LEC 202.

Also how awesome is the fact that we offer FREE weekly Arabic classes?

So as you can see there is a lot to be involved in with the Trent Muslim Students Association. So send us a shout if you want to volunteer, ask questions or suggest an idea! We hope to see you around.