Trent Outdoors Makes Furry Friends on Algonquin Hiking Trip

Loki and Chuck, Trent Outdoors' new mascots and friends. Photo by Jeff Jung.

On a brisk morning on Sunday September 29, the Trent Outdoors Club (TOC) left Peterborough in association with the Wild Rock to Algonquin Provincial Park for their annual hiking trip at the cliffs.

Of course, I woke up late. Of all nights, my power bar which was connected to my Alexa speaker (which is also my alarm) decided to die overnight. This turns out be a coincidence of a lifetime for not only me, but for the TOC and the pair of fuzzy pals that awaits us.

Dorothy (Dee) Green, Anna Westwood, Kate Muckle, and Kaileigh Wright (all executive members of the TOC), were all driving together to Algonquin Park. Because of my late awakening, they were 20 minutes behind schedule.

Around 9:30 a.m. on Highway 28, Green spotted two senior lab dogs wandering dangerously close to the road. They were dirty and dehydrated. Not only were they willing to get in the car, but they seemed very excited to greet Green and others.

Muckle tried to call the owners but no one picked up. They believed they were abandoned. Green tried to search for the nearest humane society, but at 9:30 a.m. on a Sunday, none were open.

This is when everyone knew it was a calling… to bring the two furry best friends on our hiking trip.

When we arrived at Algonquin Park, the owners responded to Muckle’s call. The owners explained that since the dogs (Loki and Chuck) are getting now entering their golden year, they let them wander outside in their property in the morning since they own a big golf course. They mentioned that the dogs would always return and never go off too far.

The owners even laughed and were filled with joy to hear that the two best friends are at Algonquin Park with the TOC. They explained that it may just be their last adventure in the great outdoors of Canada.

The TOC organized two hiking options: one being for novices, and the other for experts. Due to the fact that the dogs were older, executive TOC members such as Zunash Saleem, Leah Simpson, and other hikers who came along on our trip decided to take the dogs to the novice trails.

The dogs seemed so happy to be on a trail outdoors with such beautiful autumn scenery. In addition, we all made such great friends with these two.

At the end of the day, Green returned them to their owners at the golf course. There may have been tears shed.

The owners have seen the photos and were delighted to see their beloved furry pals on such a random hiking trip with total strangers.