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Trent Radio: Blind Date Radio



There is another event day coming up at Trent Radio, a day when we sweep aside regular programming and programme only on a particular theme. “Blind Date Radio” is the next, happening Friday March 27, 2015.

It’s a kind of blind date among radio programmers – they know WHEN they’re coming in to do the show, but they don’t know WHO their co-host will be. Co-hosts meet in the Trent Radio kitchen just before their show, and have only that long to find common ground and plan their radio show.

Sparks will fly. Hearts will be broken. Programming will be awkward.

Listen in all day on Trent Radio, 92.7 FM, CFFF or online at trentradio.ca.

[Editor’s Note: Our editor Pat Reddick will be on a blind date at some point during the day. Tune in to hear the embarassment.]