Lo, and feel the shaking of the airwaves. As of Monday September 15, 2014, a brand new season has begun at Trent Radio.

If you tune in to 92.7 FM CFFF (or online at trentradio.ca) then you will hear just short of a million brand-new programmers – each like stars in the sky, and most of them fellow students, grooving under their own instruction like it’s the audio post-apocalypse.

Each time you tune in, expect excitement, thrills, and no less than chills from your fellow students! Expect that maybe it’s too strange or boring to listen to sometimes – but at other times – pure, unadulterated, awesome.

Turn it on. Turn it on right now. 92.7 FM. That’s right.

Things to do while listening to Trent Radio:
* Bask in audio glory.
* Do some dishes, or at least some of the dishes before abandoning the chore for something else you’d rather do.
* Avoiding doing homework.
* Physical activity, I guess. If you really feel you have to.
* Going back to those dishes and trying again because you feel like a bad roommate about it, even though you despise the tedium of washing cutlery.

Lo, for the radio cometh! There it is coming down that hallway of the audioscape. Isn’t it handsome? But it’s not loud enough.
Turn it up. Turn it up right now. Really loud, that’s right. Oops, that’s too loud. You’re bothering people.

Things to do when you cannot listen to Trent Radio:
* Pine.
* Feel the void in your soul not being filled by radio (which can only be filled by student-oriented not-for-profit community-based radio, obviously.)
* Associate all your imaginary actions to sound effects because you’re lacking creative audio stimulation. I recommend saying: “pew-pew”, when you pretend to shoot classmates with the laser gun that is actually your pointed finger.

As of now we’re broadcasting live from about 9 in the morning until about midnight, all 8 days of the week.

There may be a few no-shows that get hastily covered up by some pre-recorded content, but other than that – you know, when you listen to 92.7 FM, that there’s a person on the other end. A real actual person. No robots. Probably even a Trent person. Probably you know them. Or, you should.

Not fun ways to get involved with Trent Radio:
* Fall in love with an on-air host and obsess over them, fall asleep each night of their broadcast with the sweet melody of their voice ringing in your ear. This is a little bit creepy.

A better idea:
* Come in and meet this person. Get your heart broken, that’s okay! Be involved, a part of a community.

You can always be a part of the Trent Radio community, even if it’s just by listening to 92.7 FM and getting it aurally.

But if you’d like to be involved in Trent Radio as a voice rather than an ear, just email Programme Director James Kerr at [email protected] to see if there are any spots left.

If there are, then watch out – lo, and feel the shaking of the airwaves under the awesome power of your own broadcast voice as pure, unadulterated, awesome.