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Trent Radio: Elevator Pitch

This is basically what Trent Radio is like. Photo by Adam Kliczek, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.
This is basically what Trent Radio is like. Photo by Adam Kliczek, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

I was out recording the TCSA election speeches for later broadcast, and as the night was done and people were heading out, a fellow came up to me and asked about Trent Radio. I didn’t give him a very good elevator pitch. I’d like to do a better one now—I’ll just have to imagine the elevator.

Come out and do radio. Do you have an interest? Do it on radio; explore it through radio. I don’t care what it is: jazz, cats, sex, kickboxing, herbal teas, or aeroplanes. Everything makes good radio. And you are more than in your power to do it all yourself.

If you are mildly passionate, on pretty vague or better terms, about something you think you probably like, and think radio is also pretty neat—ACES. That’s all we need.

If you are staying in Peterborough this summer, become a part of our summer season. It’s brand new; there are no shows until we assemble them after the programme proposal deadline Sunday April 12 at noon. Do a show about your cat, or your best kickboxing match, or your favourite model aeroplane. To get a programme proposal visit trentradio.ca or stop by Trent Radio House, 715 George Street North, just get off at the Sadlier House bus stop and walk 10 steps South.

Not going to be around for the summer? Reconnect with us in the fall, where we’ll have a whole new season all over again, with all new opportunities to do a show about your favourite teas, fine jazz, or your sex life. Or, just stop in and say hi—there’s always coffee.

Also, if you’re in another club or group—use us. All the time. We’ll get your announcements on the air, and we’ll interview you on the air to talk all about what your club or group is doing. This can be to promote an event of yours, or just to increase awareness. We generally want to do whatever we can to connect you to the rest of the Trent University community, and the whole of the Peterborough community.

Okay, so I imagined a long elevator.