Trent Radio: Embarrass Wednesdays

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I’m going to embarrass a friend.

Actually, I’m going to embarrass three.

Here are three shows on Trent Radio 92.7 FM right now that I think deserve a bit of attention. This week we’re doing “Wednesdays”.

“Speculating Canada”: Wednesdays 16:00-17:00h. Where are our aliens? Our monsters? Our magic? “Speculating Canada” looks at the rich diversity of Canadian speculative fiction, giving voice to Canadian SF authors, examining themes in Canadian SF, and generally exploring a uniquely Canadian brand of geekdom. Through author interviews, discussions of Canadian monsters, superheroes, magic, cyborgs, myth, and imaginative futures, “Speculating Canada” engages with the wider space of the Canadian imaginarium.

Community member Derek Newman-Stille explores all topics of Canada + Geek. Derek often has extensive interviews with the authors themselves. If you want to know what people are writing about in your country, then this is your show. Derek also has a blog about this at

“Growing Pains”: Wednesdays 18:30-19:00h. To every kid who stayed up past their bedtime reading about secret passageways, puberty, and aliens by flashlight; this show is for you!

Grad student Caileigh Morrison gives wonderful readings of young adult novels – really “tween” novels, right on the cusp between kid lit and teen lit. This programme has been going on for several years, and is beginning its final novel now, so if you tune in soon you can get in the whole thing. If you missed Trent Radio’s “Radio Reads” event day, and wish very sincerely to be read to, “Growing Pains” is an excellent choice.

“Northern Stars”: Wednesdays 18:30-19:00. 41 Canadian albums, ranging from mainstream to obscure, compete for the elusive Polaris Prize. Listen in to learn more about them and what the fuss is all about.

Jess Grover, operator at Trent Radio but also an active community member and Sadleir House darling, rocks your world as she expands the borders of your mind while keeping you within the borders of Canada.

I’ll be back next time with another day of the week. Keep listening to Trent Radio 92.7 FM!

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