Trent Radio: End of Year Review and Farewells

tradio hoursThe end of the year is drawing closer and closer with every seminar I attend and every essay I turn in. Even at Trent Radio, we’re feeling the squeeze of less time but certainly not less to do.

We released our annual review, “Trout Radio,” which is available at Trent Radio but also at numerous places around town.

As well, we are in the process of seeking out our summer talent to keep things ticking during the summer months.

We do this every year in the same way, but this year, I feel different.

With the days counting down to the end of term, I see my career as an undergrad at Trent University and as a programmer at Trent Radio coming to an end.

I would be blatantly lying if I claimed that these transitions did not bother me. Like every final year undergrad, the unknown months and years ahead are a scary prospect.

But while I will miss the Drumlin beautifully framing Champlain College (CC Jungle for life!) from the view of the East Bank, or the wonderful Faryon Bridge that provides little to no coverage and assaults everyone with blistering, traumatic winds during the winter months and a killer view of the HOTT Regatta in the fall, I must say that some of my fondest memories at Trent University have been spent within Studio B at Trent Radio House.

There are very few activities that allow you to create your own world for one or two hours a week.

For the past four years I have been enthralled with student broadcast and the three years I spent at Trent Radio allowed me to realize that not only could I play whatever I wanted, but there were people listening. In today’s sprawl of social media, that can sometimes be hard to remember.

The community surrounding Trent Radio has always pushed for a ‘say what you want’ mentality, recalling the brilliant mantra: “If you don’t like it, don’t listen.”

Very few opportunities in the student scheme allow this sort of freedom, and I certainly believe it has been an enlightening and empowering experience for me as a student.

I could never write enough articles that promote the brilliance of student radio and how it can push even the most timid and squeamish person out of their shell behind the protection of the studio.

It is a unique and wonderful place to grow as a student, a person and as a broadcaster, and I will never stop telling people to get involved in Trent Radio. Just do it.
Even with my career here drawing to an end, I can still never thank Trent Radio enough for the opportunities it has offered me.

After the term ends, I will be moving on to the next portion of my career as the 2014 Peter Gzowski Broadcast Intern at CBC Toronto (an honour which I wholeheartedly thank Trent Radio for).

Without the knowledge and experience I gained at Trent Radio, I never would have thought myself capable of facing the CBC as a possible prospect, but here I am!

Whether it is a boost of confidence, new friends or wanting to spread the word on a weird and wonderful genre of music via the public airwaves, Trent Radio has something for everyone and I certainly think it to be one of the most unique extra-curricular activities available.

April 15 will mark my final broadcast on Trent Radio and I look forward to it promoting my usual level of social awkwardness, European metal and Trent Radio charm that I have grown so accustomed to over the last four years.

Now, as I sniffle and wipe tears off of my keyboard, I feel I should remind everyone: Should you feel so inclined to program your own show or help out at Trent Radio during this summer, please take note that Summer Programme Proposals are due Sunday April 13 at 12pm, NOON!

As well, if you want to catch the last few shows from your favourite programmers, our broadcast season for the 2013-2014 academic year ends on Thursday, April 17 at noon!

It has been an unreal experience Trent, and I wish each and every one of you undergrads the best of luck in studies and hope you all have a marvelous summer!

Thanks for making the last four years interesting to say the very least!

(On a very final note: Champlain College is the best college. Always has been. Always will be. We have the beach. LEC spells lec, OC is a high school, and Gzowski looks like a brick of cheese. Now that we have that cleared up, I feel like I can graduate in peace. Cheers!)

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