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Trent Radio: Entre Season


What’s that sound? It’s dead air! Hello radio listeners. Between Friday December 5 at noon and Monday January 5 at noon, all regular Trent Radio programming is suspended for the holidays. Don’t worry – we’ll be back with the very same schedule in January. What are we doing in the meantime? Well! Zis izz vere ve ordar zee “Entre Season”. (I’m making a French joke, because ‘Entre’ is a French word meaning ‘middle’ or ‘between’, and French is a very useful language.)

The Entre Season runs weeknights through the second and third weeks in December. If you’re around, you should listen to 92.7 FM – because it’s going to be wild.

During the weeks of December 8 to 12, and December 15 to 19, from 5pm onwards each night, we present to you a smorgasbord of ad hoc programming from our mustache-twirling Trent Radio elite; bizarre programming from outside the normal schedule on topics obnoxious and inane, struggling and brilliant.

Programming for these two weeks is on a sign-up basis, so it can be spotty, inconsistent…and much like the rest of the Trent Radio season. Anything could happen.

If you want more consistency in your music, there’s the Good ‘n Country 24 Hour Radio Marathon coming up Friday December 5 at noon.

Right when we go off the air it gets taken over by country music, all night long. Barb and Stephanie bring you the old, the new, and the unusual sounds of country music.

If you want even less consistency, we’re having an audio art day. On the longest night of the year, December 21, from about 4pm and going until the next morning, we’re broadcasting live experimental sounds.

This is the strangest—we promise, the weirdest, the most arty of Audio Art (complete with capitals) and Noise (also capital’d) you’re likely ever to hear. Live broadcast; audio art as it happens.

If you like experimental music, sometimes more of an experiment than music—and sometimes a brilliant symphony of tiny insights into the universe, then this is when you should listen, 92.7 FM or online at

The longest, darkest night; the turn towards light.

Our regular broadcast season (you can look at that schedule at starts up again in January, the same day classes do.

If you’re looking to get involved in that schedule, just email programme director James Kerr at He (being I) will try to find you a place to do the cool things you want to do.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled radio programming.


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