Trent Radio: a happy welcome

Front of Trent Radio house, at 715 George street North, Peterborough, Ontario.

I walk in through the side door as instructed by the sign on the front door. This is Trent Radio, a cozy little house where people pretend to hang around while actually working hard. Working on what? I really wouldn’t know yet. Trent Radio is made up of a creative community that serves as a platform for people who are interested in speaking up for their listeners around town and at Trent University. People walk in and out, and it seems as if everyone is on their own schedule. Yet I know that there must be a whole lot going on in order keep everything on track because a smooth voice on the stereo always manages to make its way through to you.

I am excited to see what there is to come. On day one my shift consisted of meeting people, getting lost on my way to buying lunch, eating a delicious vegan pie, and trying to find out what my responsibilities are only to learn that finding out my responsibilities is my only concrete responsibility for now. I will need to be available for cooperation in any project and have patience to learn. But mostly what is expected from me is initiative and enthusiasm because Trent Radio is involved with many areas of the surrounding community, which is what keeps everyone so absently busy. I enter this group with abstract yet positive expectations.

From day one, I understood that Trent Radio is not an exclusive office where serious radio goes on. Yes, relevant radio is expected. Concrete and well planned shows are encouraged. But who says comedy can’t be relevant, concrete, and well planned? Anything that you are passionate about and willing to share will be welcomed. People are encouraged to make use of this platform and speak up about those seemingly crazy ideas that come to mind in that brief second before dozing off. Yours can be the smooth voice that flows out of the stereo sitting on the windowsill of our kitchen, making our days happy as you prove that there is real work being done within all the hanging around.

This community radio is important for the symbiotic relationship between students and the Peterborough community. As you speak through the microphones in Studio A, picture this: there are many strangers listening to what you have to say, to those thoughts that you have been hoarding for the past week. Your presence transcends from sitting in a small studio to being all around Peterborough in people’s cars or laptops, to being in people’s thoughts, anecdotes, and essays. It is an abstract network, but a network still.

This little house on the corner of Parkhill and George holds more perks beyond the secret side entrance. Trent Radio is composed of people filled with energy, stories, and smiles regardless of the frozen sidewalks… I don’t know where it gets perkier than that.

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