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Your ambition knows no bounds. Spread your arms wide and embrace the nonsense of your thoughts. Be mindful of the strength of smiles. If you fail to keep yourself guarded, you may find hurt feelings. To indulge appropriately you must listen to the science fiction that is “Speculating Canada” with Derek Newman-Stille, Wednesday afternoons at 4pm.

Sagittarius: There aren’t any secrets left untold. You just may have said them all. There isn’t anything left to do but have a coffee in a cafe and pretend it’s empty except for you, and to listen to the mellow advice of Alex Karas on “Die Neue Welle”, Monday afternoons at 1pm.

Capricorn: Your sense of rhythm is in great jeopardy. For a long time you thought you could dance, until someone pointed out to you that you were just flailing your limbs madly. Your sense of rhythm can only be saved Thursday afternoons at 4pm by listening to “The Bongo Hour” with Laura Klinduch and Kevin Lemieux. Let Laura and Kevin carry you back into bongo-directed dancing bliss, let loose your secret heart, and save the universe.

Aquarius: Things haven’t been great lately, you have to admit it. Sure, maybe you made some mistakes. She said things, you said things – if you go down that rabbit hole there’s no returning. But there comes a time when you have to take a step back and think, maybe…maybe…it’s all the crap that I’m eating for food. Mondays at 4pm Anisah Madden and Melissa Johnston can help put you on the right food path with their show “Food Fight.” Eat your vegetables.

Pisces: You are going to go on a long journey to see someone you’ve seen before. There may be a dog there. Beware of grey hairs. Your lucky day is Thursday and the number four. This means, obviously, that you should be listening to all the acoustic protest songs of Rob Hailman on his show “They’ll Never Keep Us Down”, Monday nights at 9pm, to best prepare you for the struggle of the proletariat.

Aries: You will find a stranger on the road; meet them well! Your lucky numbers are 5 and Blue. This means you should be listening to “Imagination Time” with Wes Grist every Thursday night starting at 10pm. The ability to use your imagination with Wes Grist will be the key weapon in coming challenges.

Taurus: You have been teetering on a few things where you really should just be ripping off your shirt in a rage and smashing like the Hulk. Assert! If you need help formulating these concerns into poetry, you should listen to “Poetry Slam Down” with Carolyn McGee and Sasha Patterson Thursday nights at 7pm. They’ll teach you how to slam.

Gemini: Lately you’ve been feeling like drifting away on the wind. Gravitate towards people and activities that are grounding. Without anchor, you tend to lose sight of your long-term goals. Beware of the cat’s meow at midnight. And so, listen to “Klaus in the Clouds” with Duncan MacKinnon and Daniel Collins, Fridays at 2:30pm.

Cancer: This is a time to dwell and brood and generally indulge in your own inner self. Forget the world, forget life; forget responsibility! This is selfish-selfish me-me (you-you) time, all the way. Then, when you’re feeling spent and cathartic, listen to the stories read on “Telling Tales” with Joanna Richardson, Tuesday nights at 7pm.

Leo: Your sassiness may have offended a friend. The relationship can only be repaired superficially. It may take you longer to mend your bridges than to burn them. For a snippet of the bigger picture, listen to all tidbits of fact and fancy on “Alphabet Soup” with Theresa Chomko, Thursday mornings at 10am.

Virgo: This is a time to have faith in yourself and your decisions, especially concerning love and money. You may be uncertain in these prospects, but to everyone else you’ll look like one cool cucumber. Go forward with seeming confidence! And, if you fail to connect to your fellow human, you could always listen to “People of Peterborough” with Kemi Akapo each Friday morning at 10am, where Kemi gets you in touch with your town.

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