Trent Radio: Listening Power

towerQuietly reading to yourself is actually a relatively recent practice.

Announcing words that you do not choose as though through a magic spell shooting out messages and meanings from your voice but beyond your ken, like some form of spirit possession – this is actually a more traditional approach.

During this, everyone else listens. Listening is a shorter distance of the senses than reading, and may well be quicker to the heart.

Essentially the reader gives  themselves unto the greater spirit of reading for the enjoyment of the community, a human sacrifice to literature.

With the new broadcast season live on Trent Radio at 92.7 FM, each and every new programmer bumbling courageously through their first shows may sound rough, they may stumble, but I think perhaps they are also performing some great act. They make sound, and we listen.

All manner of strange things are stirred in us, listening. Music can elate us; politics can force us to cast our gaze on a tremendous macrocosm of activity; stories can cause us to look inwards in personal review.

It’s an amazing array of personal activity provoked just by sitting by a radio tuned into 92.7 FM.

I won’t speak ill of commercial radio, but I think the range of programming available is slimmer. Trent Radio has more breadth to its material.

However, this is not necessarily a good thing for Trent Radio—you may find it difficult to listen for more than a few shows in a row; it’s such an emotional roller coaster.

For instance: an hour of metal, then some bluegrass, a sprinkle of radio drama, add some philosophy and bake at 350 until radio waves are golden brown. It can be too exotic a diet for some.

But if you feel brave, and you want an adventure, then there is no greater one to offer than listening in to the over 100 programmers in this new season of Trent Radio, 92.7 FM.

Here, quietly listen.

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Sometime in the 1980s young James Kerr placed a peanut butter sandwich in his parent's VCR and was transported to a magical world where he was taught by long-dead ghost druids the secrets of community and radio waves. Returning to this world he became an arcade champ, dungeon master, and perhaps most relevantly the Programme Director of Trent Radio 92.7 fm. His parents had to clean the peanut butter out of the VCR.