Trent Radio Wants You!

Good day! If you are reading this, you are probably a first year student attempting to figure out what to do with your life during your next 1-30 years at Trent. I have a suggestion: hang out at Trent Radio! Trent Radio is a unique entity in the world of community radio. It is not a “radio station”; it is a broadcast facility. This means that Trent Radio is producer-oriented, with no agenda or programming of its own. All we do is provide the training, equipment, time slot and radio waves, and the rest is up to you.

Want to do a show about your goldfish? Go nuts! Want to play droning noise for 2 hours straight? Right on! Want to be a hard-hitting newsie, reporting on all the Peterborough happenings? Get to it! We throw away our schedule every fall and spring to make way for the new, so as long as you get your programme proposal filled out properly and in on time, we should be able to fit you in.

Trent Radio is holding Programme Proposal Workshops to help people fill out a proposal for a new show. Not only is no experience necessary for a radio programme, we help you do the paperwork. This is all in preparation of the programme proposal due date, Friday September 14th at NOON. (Trent Radio does it with frequency.) First years? Great. Second years? Great. No years? That’s fine, too. This is how you get involved on the airwaves.

You can also stop by the Trent Radio table at Clubs and Groups day to speak with Trent Radio representatives about your ideas.
Finally, if you can’t make any of the dates or you’re still nervous about doing a show, talk to James Kerr, Trent Radio’s Programme Director. You can reach him by email at, or simply by stopping by Trent Radio House, 715 George Street North (on the corner of George and Parkhill). The coffee will be on.

Important Dates:

September 11, 10:00 AM-4:00 PM:
Visit the Trent Radio Table at Clubs and Groups Day, Bata Podium

September 11, 7:00 PM:
Programme Proposal Workshop, Peterborough Public Library

September 12, 2:00 PM:
Programme Proposal Workshop, Sadleir House

September 13, 3:00 PM:
Programme Proposal Workshop, Trent Radio House

September 14, NOON:
Deadline for Regular Fall Season Programme Proposals

September 17:Regular Fall Season 2012 Begins

Now get cracking and get involved!

To download a programme proposal and for more information, visit Trent Radio’s “retro-cool” website.