Trent Science Fiction and Fantasy Club: We’re Not Just a Bunch of Geeks in a Basement! (Well….Yea we are)

trent sci fi

Who shot first: Han Solo or Greedo? Who’s your favourite Doctor? Should/Will J.K. Rowling write more Harry Potter Books? Why in Odin’s name was Firefly cancelled? All these questions and more are just some of the topics that we discuss at the Trent Science Fiction and Fantasy Club (TSFF)!

But we don’t just sit around and discuss the geekery we know and love, no sir, we watch it, read it, play it and most importantly celebrate it!

Movie nights, cosplay parties, and intense dorky discussions are just the tip of the iceberg to TSFF and we are always open to new suggestions!

We want to hear what you guys want to do this year so come to Trent’s Clubs and Groups Day on Tuesday September 10 to sign up for our newsletter, get info about our Facebook page, and have your say about what you think the group should do this year!

Trent Science Fiction and Fantasy Club is a great way to meet people who enjoy the same nerdy stuff as you do. Our group interests range from Harry Potter, to Doctor Who, to Star Trek, and we’re always open to learn about new movies, shows, books, comics, or games. TSFF is a great place to talk about your favourite fandom as well as to learn about new ones.

We (the Executive) started the Trent Science Fiction and Fantasy Club so that like-minded people with similar interests could have a time and place to get together and celebrate the Sci-Fi and Fantasy that they love. So, come on out and celebrate being a geek with us!