Trent Visual Arts Network

Visual Arts

Started as an idea, based on new ideas, then developed as a practice in order to engage a bigger community.

TVAN is a new club that was established in order to bring the Trent and Peterborough community together through arts.

Our vision statement is: To continually support the innovation of Trent and the Peterborough community through Art.

Our Mission is to create a living hub for art students and to bring together a bigger and more diverse community for future events.

The slogan is: “Come out, and be the architects of this community.”

Within the club are five executives, the President, Vice President (Jessica Vuong), Director of advertisement (Daisy Komujuni), Treasurer (Karishma Gajudhur), and Animator (Joseph Ugiomioh). Each of their roles played an important contribution to the club operation.

With the team determination TVAN was able to be successful in its first year of operation.

In the 2013-14 academic year TVAN provided weekly art workshops for club members. We also engaged some of our club members in live Art Battles—one in each term.

We were contacted by Art Battle Canada to participate in Art Battle Peterborough. The events were hosted at the Venue with an audience which amounted to 200 each term. One of our members won the battle at the fall 2013 event.

During Afrobana, we had two club members painting the general theme of the performance/event.

TVAN members have worked alongside other organizations such as the Kawartha World Issues Centre, Newfangled, Peterborough Red Cross, and Active Minds.

One of the club members helped a TCSA executive with Black Month history by designing a portrait. A club member is helping TISA with painting a wooden craft for Cultural Outreach.

For our end of year closure, we had an Art festival. There was a paint it up—three group of five students each working together to paint on a big canvas.

While that was going on, there were eight students, two from each of Trent’s colleges representing them in a painting battle.

There were three rounds. In the first round all the eight participants competed for 30 min.

In the second round the remaining four participants competed under 20 mins, while in the third round, the remaining two participants had to draw on a big canvas and had an hour to do it.

The winner of the painting battle was a representative of Lady Eaton College.

You can find photographs on our club group page on Facebook.

Our projects involve doing something for the community. We help artists find time to do what they love, and we provide entertainment using art.