This past Friday night the Trent Excalibur Men’s extramural hockey team went face to  face with McMaster. Although it was only an exhibition game, the two teams still gave it everything they had and did not give up until the final buzzer sounded. Trent was victorious in the end, winning the game 2-1.

McMaster made the first mark on the board before the game even reached two minutes of play with a two minute penalty for tripping. With the slight advantage Trent was able to  finally get the puck to the other end of the ice, but could not score a goal.

It wasn’t until they had an even playing field that a goal was scored by #18 with less than five minutes left in the first period. But that was soon followed by a two minute penalty by #8 for kneeing.

Going in to the second period with  a 1-0 lead, Trent still did not give McMaster a break. Unfortunately due to a four minute penalty from #77 for Head Contact, McMaster was able to  even  the score with  a goal  of their own.

Trent tried to gain the lead again but could not seem to get the puck in the net as shot after shot hit the cross bar. During this period, a fan yelled from the stands, “Hey ref, get some credentials bud!” as some questionable calls were made against both teams, causing many of the players to get frustrated.

With a tied score going in to the third period, both teams kicked it up a notch as the puck went back and forth between both ends of the ice.

It looked as though it was going to be a tied game until half way through the final period #25 from McMaster received a two minute penalty for slashing.

With  the advantage once again, #89 from the Trent Excalibur scored a second goal for the team.

It was a very close game,  but Trent proved that they have the skills to take on their opponents even if the calls that were not up to par.