Trent Writer’s Society calling for submissions to anthology

The Trent Writer’s Society, which holds weekly meetings on campus on Thursday evenings, have put out a call for submissions asking people to submit for their first anthology.

According to co-founder Bianca Nucaro, “The anthology will be a collection of works written by those in the Trent Writer’s Society. We decided that creating a book with works from the (Trent Writer’s) Society and the student body would give authors an opportunity to say they were published and give them a little exposure to the editing process.”

The only guidelines are that works must be 2500 words or less and fit the theme of ‘Journey/Adventure’.

Says Nucaro, “We decided on giving it a them for the sake of cohesiveness, so it was not just a random assortment of works, but something that could be read cover to cover without losing interest.”

She continues, “Sarah (MacDonald, one of the other co-founders of TWS) and I were in a coffee shop downtown in the early stages of the planning and we then started discussing how far we’ve come as a group. In that moment realized how interesting the theme of ‘journey’s could be. There are so many different kinds of journeys in fiction and non-fiction, and a lot of room to give the writer space to interpret the theme for themselves.”

The deadline for submissions is February 15 and the anthology will be released in March at an Anthology Launch party.

Tickets for the event will go on sale in February and every admission will include a copy of the book.

The group is also planning several other fun events including a pub crawl at the end of February which will be open to members and non-members alike.

Anyone interested in submitting to the anthology should e-mail by February 15.

To stay abreast of all of the going-ons of the Trent Writer’s Society, search out their group on Facebook or follow them at: @trentwriters.