Trent Writer’s Society celebrating first anthology with release party


Having existed for only seven months, the Trent Writer’s Society has worked continuously to build a community of Trent based aspiring writers through regular meet-ups, workshops, special events, guest speakers and their own blog and all that work culminates (for this year at least) in the launch party of their first published anthology.

The launch is being held on March 27 at 8:30pm in Sadleir House, and for $15 you not only get in but get a copy of the book, two drink tickets and appetizers.

One hundred percent student produced, organized, edited and financed, TWS’s Transmigrations, a collection based fittingly around the themes of journey and adventure, is an 84 page collection featuring 16 pieces of short fiction and poetry by thirteen different Trent writers.

The stories were collected through late January/early February and run the spectrum from far out speculative fiction to personal, intimate stories and the collection as a whole introduces a whole new facet two Trent’s already robust student media offerings and a unique opportunity for aspiring writers among the student body to start getting their work ‘out there’ and into the world.

While the process was not without hiccups and surprises even some last minute changes to the print shop and print schedule, the Trent Writers’ Society organizers could hardly contain their pride in what they had accomplished as they gathered for the last meeting before the launch on Friday in Champlain.

With Transmigrations being so clearly a labour of love, the Trent Writer’s Society is bringing it out into the world with style, asking attendees to observe a semi-formal dress code and promising, according to their event page, “a classy night of literary celebration, with drinks.”

The book is published and ready for readers, the launch is ready for partiers, Transmigrations is the first step of what will hopefully be many more works of it kind and set a template for turning ‘aspiring’ into ‘actual’ writers and ephemeral dreams into the comforting tangibility of a good book and a great example of the ambition, creativity and initiative of TWS’s leadership and directors.