UCycle Trent: Help us win money for cycling advocacy on campus


This fall has seen the roll-out of an energetic and positive bicycling advocacy program targeting university students.

The UCycle pilot program, which has been run on eight different campuses across Ontario, has brought together community, university, and student stakeholders in a broad campaign to encourage students to cycle more.

Whether it’s for commuting, fun, health, or shopping, the program has centred around many on and off campus events and promotions, as well as two major initiatives: a bicycle friendly business district in downtown Peterborough, and an online cycling contest.

With less than two weeks left in the contest (ending November 30), we’re looking to get as many Trent students registered as possible so we can win $500 towards a cycling initiative on campus!

So, why should you care?

Well, firstly, you’ll be entered to win one of our four awesome prize packages filled with gift certificates and cycling swag.

Secondly, it’s free and super easy to register.

Thirdly, as I write, Trent is in second place in the contest, but neck and neck with the current leader, meaning we can totally win if we pull together!

We’re even in conversation with the TCSA to match the $500 if we do win, although that’s not been confirmed yet.

Finally, if all those reasons aren’t enough, finishing first in the online contest will help build momentum for cycling at Trent in the years to come, and help make our campus an even more awesome, more exciting, more positive place!

So whether you’ve cycled all semester long and just haven’t gotten registered yet, or are simply a cycle-curious student with three minutes and an internet connection, go check out UCycle’s online contest (www.ucycle.ca), register yourself, and help Trent win some funding!

Other than being entered into the raffle draw (which is sweet), there’s no other catch or follow up!

To check out prize details and get a sense of how the campaign has played out, like us on Facebook at “UCycle Trent”. Until next year, cycle on!