Varsity Lacrosse: Meet the Bedlington Brothers

bedlingtonsWEBTrent is known for its small, close-knit community. With only 7,000 full time students, it’s very likely that when you’re walking around campus, you’ll run into many familiar faces— maybe even your brother! Brothers Cole and Joe Bedlington play on Trent’s varsity lacrosse team together.

Joe is a third-year student and a veteran on the lacrosse team. He was elected captain by his teammates this season. Cole is in first year, playing his first season of university lacrosse. This is their first time playing the game together officially, and little brother Cole remarked that “it’s great to play alongside him for once, a real honour. I’ve watched him play so many times and always looked up to him.”

The Bedlington family is local to the Peterborough area and both brothers are graduates of Peterborough Minor Lacrosse and St. Peter’s Secondary School.
This is where Geoff McKinley, Trent’s head coach, first met them.

“I have had the pleasure of coaching both Joe and Cole at St. Peter’s Secondary School prior to coaching them here. I have actually taught Cole as well. I know both brothers on two different [levels], both on and off the field, and have known them for quite some time.”

The brothers say that they’re always playing lacrosse together around the house.

“We’re always playing catch, one-on-one, and just shooting the ball around,” said Cole.

“Joe is always showing me new things, and especially this year being able to play alongside him, he’s like another coach for me.”
The extra practice at home has paid off and McKinley is really proud of both Bedlingtons.

“The brothers are hard workers and always put the team first.”

Joe and Cole both play different roles on the team, with Joe being more of the “utility man,” playing several positions, whereas Cole plays defence, a big change for him.

According to Coach McKinley, though, he has adjusted well, and he concluded,  “We are happy and proud to have the Bedlington brothers as part of the Trent Lacrosse family.”
However, the most important question is: Who wins when they play one-on-one?

“Depends if I want to let him or not,” Joe joked.

Cole, like a younger brother ought to, conceded, “One day, I hope to get as good as him.”