Arthur Spring Elections are coming up! That means that it is time to elect the editor(s) and three Staff Collective Board directors for the upcoming academic year.

For more information about these positions, please consult the Arthur Policies and Procedures at

The election will take place Tuesday, March 26 at 7:00 p.m. at Trent University in room 203 in the Science Complex. Refreshments will be provided.

1. Editor(s) Remarks
2. Presentations of candidates for editor(s) platforms (10 minute limit per set of candidates)
3. Question Period
4. Election of Editor(s)
5. Election of three Board directors by the Staff Collective
6. Adjournment

Who can vote: Only those who are on the staff collective at the time of the election can vote.

What determines “Staff Collective”:
You are considered part of the staff collective if you have contributed to the production of at least 15% of the issues of Arthur released before the election. There will be 24 issues published this term by the day of elections so you must have contributed to at least three.

Proxy Votes: In accordance with section 6e of the Arthur bylaws, staff collective members may participate in the election through means of proxy vote. They may appoint, in writing, a proxy holder to vote for them in the election. The proxy holder does not need to be a member of the staff collective. Proxies must bring:

– The signature of the Staff Collective member
– The date the proxy is signed
– Who the proxy is giving the voting powers to and from
– Who the Staff Collective member is voting for (or the Staff Collective member can allow the proxy holder to choose who to vote for).

Who can run for Staff Collective director of the Board: Anyone who is a member of the Staff Collective at the time of the election. Those wanting to run as Staff Collective directors on the board can be nominated at the Spring Election meeting.

Check out the platforms for the editor candidates: Sara Ostrowska and Pat Reddick and Anthony P. Gulston.

Volume 47 Staff Collective as of Issue 22 (March 18):

Anthony P. Gulston
Megan Quinton
Catherine Phillips
Jasmine Cabanaw
Sara Ostrowska
Brad Whalen-Strauss
Tori Silvera
Matt Lamers
Matt Rappolt
Carmen Meyette
Pat Reddick
Jesse McRae
Alice Froude
Stephanie Denny
Renzo Costa
Jennifer Boon
Caileigh Morrison
Robyn Smith
Dave Grenon
Scott Berry
Brian Lukaszewicz
Matt Jarvis
Tyson Shennett
Natalie Guttormsson
Kristen Phoeniks
Gilbert Enenajor
Troy Bordun
Wes Grist
Miranda Rigby
Danica Jarvis
Sara Desmarais
Daisy Komujuni
Zara Syed
Anthony Moniz
James Kerr

One more contribution needed:

Kayley Marsh, Reba Harrison, Dan Legault, Catherine Kuindersma
Paul Hunter, Kyle Chivers, Jennifer Lawrence, Andrew Johnson

Should you be on either of these lists? Please contact [email protected]