Walking alone? Call the Trent Walkhome Program

Trent Walkhome is a student volunteer-based program that provides a safe alternative to walking alone at night.

The Walkhome program is designed to walk students, faculty and staff members both on the Symons Campus and downtown at Traill and Champlain College Annex.

How Walkhome Works

Whenever you need a walk at night, after class, when you go to the library or the Athletics Complex, or to and from the bus stop or parking lot, call the Trent Walkhome line at 705-748-1748.

Your call will be answered by a dispatcher who will ask your first name, where you are and your destination.

The dispatcher will contact a team of volunteers (two females or one male and one female) who will meet you and walk you to your destination.

Each of our volunteers has gone through a screening process and training program to get you to your destination safely.

Volunteer with Walkhome

Trent Walkhome cannot operate without the support of our volunteers. Walkhome asks of their volunteers to complete only two shifts per month.

While on shift you can stay at any nearby location, studying, visiting, watching a movie, etc., until you receive a request for a “walk” or complete security checks with the Team Leader.

Walkhome volunteers are also required to complete “Rambles” to create visibility and promote pick-up walks.

You and your Walkhome partner will be required to stay together during your shift.

Volunteering is FUN!

By joining the Walkhome team, you can meet new people, learn the best routes around campus or downtown, and gain valuable experience for your resume.

Throughout the year, Walkhome hosts volunteer appreciation events to gather together and meet other volunteers that are not necessarily on your scheduled night.

Previous volunteer appreciation events have included bowling, laser tag, billiards, movie nights and much more!

Hours of Operation (September to April):

Monday to Friday: 7 pm to 1 am
Saturday & Sunday: 9 pm to 1 am

Where We Walk:

Anywhere within a 25 minute walk of Symons Main Campus, the downtown Traill Campus and Champlain College Annex or on the Oshawa campus.

Walkhome Office Locations

Symons Main Campus- Champlain College #306
Downtown Traill Campus- Stewart House #201

Contact the Guard at 905-435-5111

Check the Walkhome website www.trentu.ca/walkhome for more information.

Remember, you do not have to walk alone at night. Don’t hesitate to call the Trent Walkhome program: 705-748-1748.